Letter to my people: Being cosy with Europe’s last dictator

President Emmerson Mnangagwa hosted Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko,

My Dear People

THE advice by Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko during his visit to the country last week to his counterpart Ngwena, to work hard to win elections to be held this year, made me splutter in my pricey chinaware.

“My dear president, this year you're going to face a huge challenge, presidential, parliamentary elections and local elections.

“This will be a huge challenge for your nation, and I hope that you will be able to pass through this.

“Please don't trust liars, there are no miracles. Good results and success can only be achieved through hard work,” Lukashenko told Ngwena.

Both the giver of this piece of advice and the recipient have no clue what working hard to win an election is given that they are both experts at just stifling the opposition mainly by banning demonstrations and arresting perceived political opponents.

They both don’t bother with the niceties of allowing opposition political parties to freely sell their policies to the  electorate against theirs.

After all the advice is coming from a man who has called himself the “last dictator" in Europe.

 If Lukashenko’s advice was ridiculous, Ngwena’s response was absolutely gob smacking.

 “It’s true that we are a democracy. Last elections we had over 50 political parties which contested and I had 23 presidential contenders, and this is beautiful,” he said without any hint of shame.

He did forget to tell his visitors that the majority of those presidential candidates were leaders of briefcase political parties that were created by his own spooks.

Ngwena also forgot to tell the Belarusians that after the elections he rewarded the poor pretenders with cars, fuel and stay at hotels around Harare through the so-called Political Actors Dialogue.

Neither did he tell Lukashenko that he is afraid of losing elections so much that he has been arresting anyone criticising his coup government since he nearly lost the 2018 elections to Nero.

Job, who has been incarcerated since June last year and author Tsitsi Dangarembwa who was convicted of protesting for holding up a placard, among numerous others, might have a very different view from the declaration by Ngwena that Zimbabwe is a democracy.


Still on the visit by Lukashenko, Zanu PF supporters were bussed to the airport to welcome the owner of Belarus and to give the false impression that Ngwena is still popular since being catapulted into power using tanks and gunpowder in 2017 in his treacherous move to remove Baba.

Gushungo will be forever remembered as the country’s fountain of wisdom and a treasured gift to the nation despite attempts to obliterate his legacy by sell-outs of the revolution.

However, when the supporters tried to get too close for comfort to the two leaders, they were promptly beaten up by anti-riot police.

It was a timely reminder to these supporters not to forget that their position at the airport was to be mere cannon fodder and nothing else.

To think these supporters actually thought they were there to mingle with Ngwena and Lukashenko kkkkkkk .


The latest Transparency International report has shown that Ngwena has kept the country firmly among the most corrupt nations globally.

Zimbabwe is among 124 countries that have stagnant corruption levels, maintaining a score of 23/100, against the regional sub-Saharan Africa average of 32/100.

Evidence abounds that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission set up by Ngwena after disbanding the previous one that was installed during Gushungo’s time is a toothless bulldog.

Who expects any organisation with the likes of Gabriel ‘504’ Chaiva to produce any results? kkkkkk

From ministers refusing to attend meetings set up by the graft- busting body to the paltry funding it gets from the country’s Treasury, it is ample proof that fighting corruption has not been very high on the list of Ngwena’s priorities. 

The shocking revelation from the National Prosecuting Authority that grossly underpaid prosecutors are finding it hard to resist bribes shows the country’s fight against corruption has gone to the dogs and exists in name only.

With Ngwena in the driving seat, it can only go downhill from here.

It is not only corruption that has worsened since Ngwena has been at the helm.

Even the level of debate by parliamentarians has sunk to embarrassing levels as evidenced by the quality of debate in the Senate during the second reading of the Private Voluntary Organisation Act  Amendment Bill, which is the death knell for non-governmental organisations operating in the country who have ensured that the country’s exposure to the  severity of the poverty wrought by the Second Republic is limited. 

The former wife (or is that ex-second lady) of Kembo, Tambudzai showed the impoverished thought process that permeates the halls of Parliament when she criticised NGO s for buying stoves that would stop the cutting of trees.

One would think this would be a good development as it will lead to the prevention of deforestation, but such is the bankruptcy of common sense in the upper house.

Not to be outdone was one senator by the name Kambizi whose contribution was limited to comparing NGOs to snakes as well as some ghastly tripe about the need to shoot the enemy.

Thankfully elections will be held this year and the hope is some of these mandarins do not find their way back to pollute the august house with such shallowness.

The parro….. Sorry, journalists at the national broadcaster tell us daily that the economy is on the take-off under Ngwena’s leadership, particularly the increased use of the local currency.

So imagine my surprise to learn that the same group that sings about the country’s prosperity are  pleading poverty and asking to be paid part of their salaries in the greenback as well as revelations  that dozens are leaving the propaganda outfit in droves.

It almost seems as if the economic takeoff they report on is a daily dosage of fantasy. Kkkkkkk


Gushungo Chete Chete!

Chatunga Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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