Feelings are legitimate part of ownership and productivity

Feelings happen to them the way dreams do. They live, need, believe, think, feel, and act. T
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu May. 21, 2023

Ownership in the workplace: lessons from nature

Through your recognition, your awareness, nature too comes to know itself. It comes to know its own beauty and sacredness through you! (Eckhart Tolle)
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu May. 7, 2023

Re-imagining the workplace: The engineer’s step by step process of working again

The good news is that it is possible for anyone to get back on their feet. It is important for this article to emphasise that for the good of the workplace.
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu Oct. 2, 2022

Re-imagining the workplace: The engineer who became a fitter, turner and philosopher

He lectures on Positive Intelligence at Stanford University
By Bhekilizwe Bernard Ndlovu Sep. 5, 2022