The flaw of averages

We may well not have given much thought to any of the above before — and may well not give any thought to them in the future either!
By Tim Middleton Mar. 19, 2023
All systems must go
All systems must go
Despite a full and positive CV, there was no interest in what he offered; there were no offers; few interviews even.
By Tim Middleton Mar. 5, 2023
Community trailblazers: Chiviya penning Biblical millionaire book
Writing about a personal trailblazing journey on how one became a millionaire is not so common.
By Albert Masaka Mar. 5, 2023
An election in education
 Elections have a lot to do with education, just as education should have a great deal to do with elections.
By Tim Middleton Feb. 26, 2023
Indicators are indicators
These lights are indicators of what is expected (not suggested). But so too are the indicators on our cars yet the sad reality is that in our current society it is very difficult to read them.
By Tim Middleton Feb. 19, 2023
The child is the father
The behaviour of the child becomes that of the parent; the child we see will show us what the parent will be like. 
By Tim Middleton Feb. 12, 2023
They also went to school once
We considered how our education system would appear to be failing, as all we seem to be producing are clever criminals. 
By Tim Middleton Feb. 5, 2023
Foxy moron
Dolly Parton is quoted, in a gentle ‘dig’ at herself, as saying that “You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap”
By Tim Middleton Jan. 29, 2023
Sharp sharp!
There are the common sayings which tend to highlight the cat’s alleged superiority, such as “Dogs have masters; cats have staff.”
By Tim Middleton Jan. 22, 2023
Popping the question
Indeed, popcorn is popularly associated now with cinemas, but also with television, fairs, parties and sports events.
By Tim Middleton Jan. 15, 2023
Open letter to RBZ governor John Mangudya
The foreign exchange regime in Zimbabwe is by a country mile more liberalized than those in regional peers South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.
By Bart Star-james Jan. 15, 2023
Taking on solar’s cybersecurity challenges
Utility companies and bulk power system operators have made cybersecurity one of their top priorities.
By Jan. 8, 2023
Does a Honda fit all?
The one-size-fits-all approach does not work in education. We are reminded that there is one ministry, one Education Act, one curriculum, one examination board.
By Tim Middleton Jan. 8, 2023
Edutainment Mix: 2023: A call for innovativeness and more creativity
2023 is a time for the local artistes to provide the space where they can display their art in different creative ways.
By Raymond Millagre Langa Jan. 8, 2023
Who cares?
He was a legend of golf yet millions of people have never heard of him; his achievements are long forgotten.
By Tim Middleton Dec. 25, 2022
Be silent and speak
We now have the Miranda warning as a result of that case - “You have the right to remain silent.
By Tim Middleton Dec. 18, 2022
Beauty and the boast
On one occasion, a father and son friendly game was shared with a very competitive friend of the son who was desperately keen to impress the older man.
By Tim Middleton Dec. 11, 2022
Be at it dude
Information is the key to life and the key to information is technology – so we are told.
By Tim Middleton Dec. 4, 2022
Raising a child badly
It is generally accepted that a good book will have a good balance of plot, characters, setting and theme.
By Tim Middleton Nov. 27, 2022
Just ask Johnny!
Even if Johnny is not necessarily academically gifted, we can see his logic, which may not always be the case, it might be said, when we look at parents.
By Tim Middleton Nov. 20, 2022
We cannot stress this enough
Others declare that the job of a brain surgeon is an extremely stressful job; there is certainly little room for error.
By Tim Middleton Nov. 13, 2022
Finding the right channel
We are all to be channels of peace in our schools and to do that we must follow the right channels.
By Tim Middleton Nov. 6, 2022
Quality feat
Karl Menninger: “What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.”
By Tim Middleton Oct. 30, 2022
Flight of angels or fight of humans?
In general terms, helicopters do obviously have pros and cons with regard to flying.
By Tim Middleton Oct. 23, 2022
In parentheses
The opening sentence of the novel ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’ (by Laurence Sterne) certainly challenges our will to read novels!
By Tim Middleton Oct. 16, 2022
Robin Hood and parenthood
These are all “hoods” that we will salute and respect.
By Tim Middleton Oct. 9, 2022
Parental guidance is not advised
Parental guidance is advised.”
By Tim Middleton Oct. 2, 2022
Countdown to World Cup 2022
What’s gone wrong, what’s the matter, why has African football failed to reach the highest pinnacle?
By Zak Hawa Sep. 25, 2022