Interview: CCC's Gift Ostallos Siziba to Introduce Obama at New York Democracy event

Siziba is the national deputy spokesperson of the Citizens Coalition for Change led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa. He is the former national secretary-general of the youth assembly of the MDC.
By Nqobani Ndlovu Nov. 17, 2022

UK denies meddling in Zim politics

“Fulfilling these conditions will allow Zimbabweans to have full confidence in their electoral process.”
By Lorraine Muromo Nov. 12, 2022

CCC proposes national peace pledge

Zimbabwe has since the March 26 by-elections and others that followed been experiencing violence during the campaign period
By Kenneth Nyangani Nov. 1, 2022

Zanu PF declares war on CCC

CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba said Ncube’s statement exposed Zanu PF’s fear of electoral defeat in the 2023 elections.

‘Sadc warming to Chamisa dialogue’

 “We have already started our engagement with Sadc and the African Union,” Siziba said.
By Miriam Mangwaya Sep. 15, 2022

'Bomb' explodes at Chamisa rally

CCC interim organising secretary Amos Chibaya, who was on the podium when the grenade exploded, appealed to the crowd to remain calm.
By Nunurai Jena and Miriam Mangwaya Sep. 12, 2022

RG's Office frustrating urban voters: CCC

CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba told NewsDay that there was an attempt to suppress the urban vote ahead of the 2023 elections.
By Kenneth Nyangani Sep. 1, 2022