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His political playbook worked elsewhere, can he win here?

Dinha (32) believes Chamisa’s relative youth and outsider perspective can help resuscitate Zimbabwe’s listless economy, with high levels of unemployment and inflation.
By Evidence Chenjerai Sep. 20, 2022

Feature: Measles forces apostolic members to convert to modern medicine

Zimbabwe is no stranger to measles outbreaks
By Evidence Chenjerai Mar. 20, 2023

For Farmers and Wildlife in Zimbabwe’s Conservation Areas, a Fraught Coexistence

SVC was formed in 1991 from a consortium of 18 properties, mostly large, white-owned cattle farms.
By Evidence Chenjerai Sep. 6, 2023

Fake marriages. A black market. What Zimbabwe’s health care workers are doing to get UK jobs

All this is taking place in the context of a clampdown by the U.K. on legal paths for migration.
By Evidence Chenjerai Nov. 28, 2023

Driving cargo trucks in Zimbabwe is dangerous and difficult. This woman is doing it anyway

Mpala got her truck-driving license in 2017, but she couldn’t get hired because she lacked experience.
By Evidence Chenjerai Mar. 11, 2024

Driving cargo trucks in Zimbabwe is dangerous and difficult...this woman is doing it anyway.

“Male drivers are slowly accepting women drivers and treating them with respect,” she says.
By Evidence Chenjerai Mar. 15, 2024

A harvest for hunger in rural Zimbabwe

With only a 2-hectare piece of land (about 5 acres), Maosa’s zunde ramambo is one of the most successful, according to Raymond Saurombe, a chief from the same district.
By Evidence Chenjerai Apr. 11, 2024