News in depth: Relatives of missing Zimbabwean migrants recount tales of hopelessness, fear

Deep down though, many may be losing hope and, although they will not say it, they fear these people are likely dead.
By Vanessa Gonye Nov. 26, 2023

Corruption Watch: Police systems are crumbling

 A pass-out was due recently at the Mkushi Training Academy, formerly known as Morris Depot. But that pass-out has been indefinitely postponed.
By Tawanda Majoni Nov. 26, 2023

Postponed pass-out: Police send recruits home

Police have over the years decried under-funding from the government.
By Miriam Mangwaya Nov. 24, 2023

Decomposing body found

The deceased was clad in a striped golf T-shirt and blue Chino trousers.
By Nhau Mangirazi Nov. 24, 2023

Police commit to assist missing persons’ families

Approximately 700 families of missing persons from all over the world are meeting to share their experiences and inspiration.
By Vanessa Gonye Nov. 23, 2023

Police shoot to kill policy under spotlight

Matanga announced that police will not hesitate to shoot to kill suspected armed robbers following the death of Hwedza officer-in-charge Maxwell Hove
By Problem Masau Nov. 13, 2023

FEATURE: Commuters bear brunt of transport crisis

Transport challenges have been a thorn in the flesh during this period, as the police cracks down on illegal vehicles and unregulated public transport operators.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Nov. 10, 2023

Chinhoyi man kills wife, flees

Bwanado, now on the run, is said to have stabbed his wife Chioneso Ephraim with a  kitchen knife after finding her with an unnamed male in their bedroom on Tuesday. 
By Online Reporter Nov. 8, 2023

Police stations fall apart: Minister

Sanyatwe said most police stations were so dilapidated that it was now dampening police officers’ morale and making it difficult for them to carry out their duties.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Nov. 8, 2023