Hounding Winky D akin to shooting an innocent messenger

If our mindset or if our politics was sound, there should be no one among us who would be objecting to Winky D’s very positive and noble cause.
By Newsday Mar. 8, 2023

Zimdancehall awards turn to WhatsApp for voting

Blex Gyver encouraged youths to stay away from drugs and substance abuse.
By Tendai Sauta Feb. 16, 2023

Nama: Who stands to win big?

Nama recognises outstanding achievements in the arts and culture.
By Bridget Wadzanai Mavhimira Feb. 12, 2023

Village Rhapsody: Zimbabwe has become a country of hustlers

Nevertheless, nowadays with the chain of intermediaries, money is the rule of trade and without money, “zino” it’s very difficult to make a successful transaction in Harare.
By Evans Mathanda Feb. 12, 2023

Knives out for Winky D

A source privy to developments said state-owned radio stations were briefed not to play Winky D's music alleging it causes alarm and despondency. 
By Sindiso Dube Feb. 12, 2023

Ras Pompy rebrands

Ras Pompy said fans still think he is still that 13-year-old Ras Pompy who broke onto the music scene through a Bodyslam riddim by PTK.
By Bridget Wadzanai Mavhimira Feb. 5, 2023

Holy Ten drops album amid outcries

Holy Ten still brags that he is the Leader of the youth and best at what he does. .
By Rejoice Phiri Jan. 10, 2023

In the Groove: Musicians say goodbye to the year 2022

Many musicians found it tough going in the year 2022 to the extent that some had to quit the industry altogether.
By Fred Zindi Jan. 8, 2023

Kusangaya’s music career shapes up

Recently, Kusangaya won the Mount Zayan talent show at Werras Gardens in Glen View 1, Harare.
By Rejoice Phiri Jan. 6, 2023