The ongoing land evictions in Zimbabwe: A trail of destruction and injustice

It is imperative that the Zimbabwean government takes immediate action to address the grievances of those affected by the land evictions.
By Newsday Feb. 16, 2024

MRP threatens blitz on ‘foreign’ teachers

A number of Shona-speaking teachers has been facing challenges in executing their duties in Matabeleland schools.
By Jerssie Mpofu Jan. 16, 2024

Govt’s policy inconcistency legendary

The same measure was again declared in 2018 and other times in the past, which makes it quite clear why Zimbabwe’s manufacturers have been unable to walk out of their cribs.
By Newsday May. 15, 2023

Zambia bails out starving Zim

Insiders close to millers and the Zimbabwean government say there have been hurdles around importation of Malawian and Zambian maize.
By Taurai Mangudhla Oct. 7, 2022

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

He helped in establishing several small tuck shops which later bloomed into chain stores in various growth points and business centres.
By Tracy Mutowekuziva Sep. 30, 2022

Mystery buyer of diamonds outed

THE Zimbabwean government has reportedly given preference to Belarusian diamond buyers to snap-up the gems under unclear circumstances.
By Tinashe Kairiza and Tinashe Makichi Sep. 16, 2022

Medical aid societies defend service charges

Medical aid contributors have perennially raised concern over why they are always made to pay top-ups when seeking medical attention.
By Vanessa Gonye Sep. 16, 2022

Zim fails US fiscal test

Fiscal transparency informs citizens about how government and tax revenues are spent and is a critical element of effective public financial management
By Harriet Chikandiwa Sep. 13, 2022