Embracing the ZiG as path to economic sovereignty

This shift signifies a departure from the reliance on Western fiat currencies, which have historically been instruments of economic coercion and control.
By Isheanesu Mavengere Jun. 14, 2024

Mines minister’s job on the line over ZiG

The ZiG currency was adopted due to the massive depreciation of the Zimdollar that depreciated by over 700% last year, and more than 250% in the first quarter.
By Tatira Zwinoira May. 6, 2024

Letter from America: RBZ is the problem not ZiG!

His words were to the effect that no change in direction can be expected from government, or from a ZiG currency unless the fundamentals were altered.
By Kenneth Mufuka Apr. 14, 2024

Lost in translation: ZiG currency disconnected with citizens’ needs

It is evident that the introduction of the ZiG currency is a cause for concern.
By Phillip Nyasha Fungurai Apr. 14, 2024