GhettoDances: Gossip only breeds confusion and enmity

Then all of a sudden, the fight stopped. A young policeman who looked reluctant and confused managed to stop the fight.
By Onie Ndoro Apr. 14, 2024

Govt invests US$13m in early warning systems

Prosper Matondi, permanent secretary in the ministry of Environment, Climate and Wildlife, said the government had an array of radars that have been installed in about five locations.
By Melody Chikono Apr. 14, 2024

Guti’s body returns home

David Mabvuramiti, a known musician of the 'Chikomba muWardrobe' fame, who was born visually impaired, attributed his eyesight to Guti.
By Chengeto Chidi Jul. 23, 2023

More equipment for airport expansion

THE Airports Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ) says it will take delivery of equipment to complete expansion works.
By Freeman Makopa Dec. 23, 2022