Devotion: The heart of prayer

In case you missed some of our teachings, New Testament prayers are basically praise and thanksgiving for what the Father has already given us in Christ.
By Erasmus Makarimayi May. 11, 2024

Grace tidings: Hypocrites love praying

 Jesus taught that there is right and wrong praying.
By Doug Mamvura May. 5, 2024

6 Not-so-obvious benefits of prayer

Prayer provides us with another specific physical and emotional side effect that is incredibly beneficial to our health and lives- it lowers our blood pressure.
By Sarah Pachter Jan. 14, 2024

Grace Tidings: Eyes that look are common but eyes that see are rare

I have seen people with a prayer request such as — “Will you please pray that God will pour out His love in my life?”
By Doug Mamvura Dec. 17, 2023

Hebrew scriptures: Why pray if God knows what’s best?

What you would prefer: What you think is best for you or what God knows is best for you?
By Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt Sep. 10, 2023

Sunday word: Prayer and how it’s part of the Christian walk

 Prayer allows us to make right decisions whether in taking a new job, starting a business, moving to a new town and even marriage. So before you make any big move always pray.
By Prosper Tingini Aug. 20, 2023

Grace Tidings: Stop begging and start living like a king

God never created us to be beggars but to be kings.
By Doug Mamvura Jul. 16, 2023

Mystery of dreams and deliverance

 What I need to pray for the most as a believer is not deliverance for knowledge because knowing gives you access to deliverance.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Apr. 16, 2023

Praying woman stumbles on corpse

The body of Augustine Chidzonga (55) was found by Getrude Ndowa who alerted the police.
By Simbarashe Sithole Mar. 11, 2023