Healing after loss

It is crucial to note that bereavement affects us all in different ways. There is no right or wrong way to feel.
By Sharon Chimwanza Apr. 21, 2023

New Horizon: Are elections important?

The 1980s elections were rapidly followed by Independence, education, health and clean water supply.
By Fay Chung Jan. 27, 2023

New perspectives: Investing in human capital to support structural transformation of Zimbabwe

Goal 2 aims for a “well educated citizens and skills revolution underpinned by science, technology and innovation.”
By Ronald Zvendiya Dec. 11, 2022

New perspectives: Why it is important to have a job contract before offering services

Lived experiences teach us the best lessons and this article is not about hearsay.
By Yollander Millin Oct. 16, 2022

New perspectives: Achieving universal health coverage in Zim

Convening, negotiating and consensus-building capacities are needed to harmonize benefit packages and payment methods and to minimize gaps across schemes.
By Ronald Zvendiya Oct. 9, 2022

New perspectives: Why Zanu PF is not so successful after 2001

In the first two decades, the economy increased by 2-3% of GDP a year, regarded as very low at the time.
By Fay Chung Oct. 2, 2022

New perspectives: What Zimbabwe needs to achieve work for all

Does the media, in its various forms be it mainstream, alternative or in the case of this article, social media affect election outcomes?
By Fay Chung Sep. 11, 2022