The fight over alcohol advertising by celebrities

At the same time as recognition of the harm caused by alcohol companies and their marketing practices is growing, celebrities are accelerating their alcohol promotions.
By Kristina Sperkova and Labran Musa May. 17, 2024

Relief for dry-prone Mwenezi community

The water, sanitation and hygiene intervention include the rehabilitation of 15 boreholes in three wards.
By Moses Mugugunyeki May. 17, 2024

Amid Zimbabwe’s mass exodus, meet the doctors and nurses who stayed behind

A friend recommended a nearby clinic operating illegally in someone’s home. “I had a conviction that this was the only immediate option,” she says.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa May. 16, 2024

Masvingo Hospital upgrade key for GZU Medical School

Zimbabwe has trained highly-knowledgeable medical personnel that continue to be hunted down by many developed countries of the world.
By Johannes Marisa May. 16, 2024

HealthTalk: Masvingo Hospital upgrade boon for province

Zimbabwe was known to be a highly literate country in the world with literacy rate of more than 90%.
By Johannes Marisa May. 12, 2024

News in depth: Zim’s deadly mix of anthrax, cholera and drought alarms World Health Organisation

Zimbabwe battles medieval diseases such as cholera and typhoid infecting citizens amid concerns that the government is clueless on how to deal with them.
By Garikai Tunhira May. 12, 2024

Do more to end stigmatising of mental illness

Needless to say, everyone will agree, at least publicly, that stigmatising such illness and, by extension, its bearers should have ceased long ago.
By Amh Voices May. 11, 2024

Africa’s role in delivering a new health win

Immunisation is one of our most successful and cost-effective public health interventions.
By Etleva Kadilli and Christopher J Elias May. 10, 2024

Zim records renewed surge in malaria deaths

The ministry said it was undertaking several initiatives which included indoor residual spraying to prevent more deaths.
By Gracious Daniel May. 10, 2024