Mono Mukundu blasts religious leaders

In a recent interview on the Denny J show, Mukundu criticised some religious leaders.
By Sindiso Dube May. 19, 2024

Mono Mukundu lauds Mokoomba

In February, the group headlined the Marrabenta Festival in Marracuene, Mozambique alongside musician Morena Leraba from Lesotho.
By Sharon Zebra May. 8, 2024

Janyure broadens artistry to leathercraft

On her singles Mwanagu and Usachinje Moyo she roped in the services of world acclaimed Afro Jazz guitarist Louis Mhlanga.
By Tendai Sauta Mar. 19, 2024

In the groove: African music making waves on the global stage

To me, Mono has found himself on the precipice of a new chapter which I hope will take him to international levels.
By Fred Zindi Mar. 3, 2024

Musicians in uneven advert deals with corporates: Mono Mukundu

Mukundu said during the creative process, the corporates give a multitude of instructions to modify numerous aspects of the jingle.
By Sindiso Dube Jan. 14, 2024

I could have died before 40: Mono Mukundu

He revealed that he never thought he would reach the age of 40 due to HIV and Aids, which claimed the lives of many of his peers in the early 1990s.
By Sindiso Dube Oct. 1, 2023

Up your game, Zim young artistes urged

Tapambwa, renowned for his amazing bass strumming prowess in secular music, is also quite a household name in gospel music cycles.
By Tendai Sauta Feb. 11, 2023