Protect parents from rogue SDCs

SDCs came under scrutiny this week after a school in Beitbridge was reported to have purchased a bus at an inflated price.
By Newsday 3m ago

Outcry over purchase of bus at inflated price

Residents asked authorities to come clean after suspecting fraud.
By Rex Mphisa May. 16, 2024

‘Beitbridge police protecting bogus shipping agents’

The Beitbridge Border Post has recorded a surge in cases where travellers and tourists lose substantial amounts of money to thieves and con-artists.
By Rex Mphisa May. 15, 2024

2 Egyptian visitors detained for 30 days without cause

Elgamal and Foudza had entered the country lawfully through the Beitbridge Border Post, but were detained without charge until April 6.
By Staff Reporter May. 13, 2024

Jail him for life, rape victim pleads

In her written submission, the girl said she felt a lesser human, and will possibly stay like that for a lifetime.
By Rex Mphisa May. 11, 2024

B/bridge seeks investors for Limpopo River projects

The local authority believes that the available land could be developed for tourism purposes.
By Nizbert Moyo May. 1, 2024

Family raises flag over slain man

However, the family accused the police of being “evasive” to “several questions begging answers”.
By Rex Mphisa Apr. 17, 2024

Ex-cop shot dead by police

National Police spokesman Senior Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he was yet to get information from Beitbridge.
By Rex Mphisa Apr. 12, 2024

Drug smuggler walks away from police

The vehicle contained the banned Benylin cough syrups which contain codeine sold on the illegal drug market.
By Rex Mphisa Apr. 8, 2024