Judiciary must decisively deal with political violence: ED

Mnangagwa also urged the Judiciary to shun corruption to inspire confidence in people.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Mar. 28, 2023

NewsDay Cartoon March 27, 2023 edition

NewsDay Cartoon March 27, 2023 edition
By The Watcher Mar. 27, 2023

How bulk SMS platforms can help politicians campaign

Politicians can, instead, make use of bulk SMS marketing, a form of marketing that mostly gets overlooked.
By Jacob Mutisi Mar. 24, 2023

US envoy jets in for poll talks

The international community and regional blocs have been piling pressure on Mnangagwa to hold credible elections with the country having a history of contested elections since 1980.
By Priveledge Gumbodete Mar. 2, 2023

Village Rhapsody: For opposition, 2023 campaign must be more about issues

Opposition parties often face significant challenges in trying to topple ruling parties that use a patronage system to entrench their power and at times abuse state institutions for their own benefit.
By Evans Mathanda Feb. 26, 2023

An election in education

 Elections have a lot to do with education, just as education should have a great deal to do with elections.
By Tim Middleton Feb. 26, 2023

NewsDay Cartoon February 24, 2023 edition

NewsDay Cartoon February 24, 2023 edition
By The Watcher Feb. 23, 2023

Do not elect corrupt leaders, say Catholic priests

Zimbabwe will hold its election before the end of August on a date yet to be proclaimed.
By Miriam Mangwaya Feb. 23, 2023

Diasporans up the ante on voting right

Government has been accused of being only interested in remittances from the diaspora community to shore up the economy, while ignoring the latter’s voting rights.
By Lorraine Muromo Feb. 22, 2023