‘No Sandy backlash at comedy roast’

Umahlekisa Comedy Club will host the roast of musician cum politician, Sandra Ndebele on February 17 at the Rainbow Hotel.

Ntandoyenkosi Moyo, the organiser of the Roast of Sandra Ndebele comedy show said a comedy roast has been stereotyped as a show of insults.

Umahlekisa Comedy Club will host the roast of musician cum politician, Sandra Ndebele on February 17 at the Rainbow Hotel.

The roast will explore the artist's journey from music to politics, looking at the experiences and challenges she has faced along the way. It will also explore her personal life and how it has informed her work and her decision to enter politics.

"Many think comedy roast is about insults, but it’s about expression and celebration of life," Moyo said.

The panellists are ready for the night and we look forward to a great night."

Carl Joshua Ncube, Sithandazile Dube, Kudakwashe Takundwa, Babongile Sikhonjwa, and Ezra Tshisa Sibanda will be part of the roast panellists, whilst Ntando Moyo will play roast master.

Moyo added that fans must look the part and bring their A game on the night.

"We also have expectations from the audience who are paying good money, coming to a hotel, listening to premium jokes and having a good time," he said.

"We also expect them to dress up for the event. And not look like they are going for a City Hall car park show. If you are not looking good you will be targeted by the comedians,"

Meanwhile, Ndebele said her recent election into public office would not deter her from pursuing her passion; music.

Ndebele was elected as councillor for Bulawayo ward 20 during the December 9 by-election last year.

“Maybe educate some people because they lack knowledge and think everything is Zanu PF,” she said.

“Someone asked me if I am still going to perform since I am now a councillor? I was like why would I stop performing?

“This is why even the council sits on the first week of the month only.

“So nothing affects my job and I perform during weekends.

“I think some people need to be educated and even they need to know what politics is, because some people don’t know what politics is, they think politics is Zanu PF and CCC."

She said if running a business was contingent upon political affiliation, many businesses would have been shut down by now saying it’s important to separate politics from business and to allow companies to operate independently, regardless of the political beliefs of their owners.

“If being a councillor was politically aligned, businesses would have been closed by now. If you realise, if you want to be an MP there are certain things that you can’t do and you can do. You have to resign from other posts but if you want to be a councillor, all that does not matter, one’s career is not affected," she said.

“A lot of people fail to differentiate between being a councillor and whether it is 100% politics or that it’s 100% social responsibility or 100% community service. So even when the person is speaking you can tell they have their own agenda."

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