Letter to my People: Time of reckoning for fake doctors

Zimche called on the International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) to publicly withdraw the degrees, including PHDs.

My Dear People

The mandarins at the Zimbabwe Council of Higher Education (Zimche) have finally found their voice to reprimand an organisation that has been dishing out fake degrees to some dubious people in exchange for money.

Zimche called on the International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) to publicly withdraw the degrees, including PHDs.

The latest recipients of the PHDs mostly lackeys of the Lacoste regime, who are now masquerading as Drs.

There are many in our midst, who want to be called by the title of Dr like me, after buying the fake degrees from IIP and other internet-based institutions.

In my view, Zimche must go a step further to name and shame recipients of these fake degrees.


What a week for the Ngwena led dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion as it discovered just how much of an abysmal failure its re-engagement programme has been in light of the United States reconfigured sanctions.

Despite the removal of some of the sanctions by  the US government it put in place in 2003, Scarfmore  and 13 other individuals who include Page 2 girl aka Dr Amai 11, were  targeted with fresh sanctions under the Global Magnitsky (GloMag) sanctions programme.

The Lacoste cabal leader suffered an embarrassing low as he became the first head of state on this infamous list, which in the words of the US National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson exposes “the egregious behaviour of some of the most powerful people and companies in Zimbabwe matches the actions of the worst human rights abusers and corrupt actors globally”.

Understandably the Ngwena regime was apoplectic with rage at the decision, which is a damning indictment of the so called second repubric and its much touted re-engagement.

 However, former nurse Nick initially did not get the memo and celebrated like a juvenile on X.

“Well this is massive. A great vindication of President @edmnangagwa’s Foreign Policy #ReEngagement,” he enthused in a post.

It never ceases to amaze me that Ngwena and company actually expect the sanctions to be lifted after holding those shamefully fraudulent elections last year that were even condemned by Sadc and when it is in the habit of locking up members of the opposition without trial for nearly two years.


This shows clearly that besides being hopelessly clueless on how to lead the country, the coup regime also has its heads stuck firmly in the sand.

The dispensation’s penchant for confusion has yet again been exposed with the ugly fight within government for the control of the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund and the National Manpower Advisory Council by two ministries.

The ministries of Higher Education led by Amon Murwira and the newly formed Skills Audit and Development ministry led by Paul Mavima are said to be laying claim to the cash cow.

The battle of the two professors, if you will.

This has had an adverse impact of potentially wreaking havoc on the country’s skills development programmes, as if this current regime has not already done enough damage with its bankrupt policies. The current confusion, of course, dovetails with the obsession of the Lacoste regime with opaqueness, which recently put a  cloak of secrecy on the operations of 21 institutions that bizarrely even includes the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

It once again shows the shambolic running of government ever since Scarfmore was catapulted on the back of guns and tanks in 2017 and forcibly removing the fountain of wisdom and order that was Gushungo.

 With such impoverished leadership, I am sure many Zimbos wish for the telescopic leadership of Gushungo, that great statesman of Africa.

The veiled threats against health workers, who wanted  to go on strike by Health minister Douglas Mombeshora is yet another advertisement of the incompetence of this regime, which owes its existence to a coup and subsequent sham elections that have been  condemned globally.

 Instead of finding solutions to the problems of the workers in a sector that has already lost more than 4 000 employees who have migrated to other countries in search of greener pastures, Mombeshora has  accused them of “working on a different agenda”. 


This is coming from the same minister, who recently fed us the hogwash that public hospitals will have air ambulances and helipads when some major referral hospitals have just one functional ambulance and do not even have basic resources such as bandages and painkillers.

What a pathetic minister.

That the Scarfmore regime has doled out 100 vehicles to chiefs at a time health workers are struggling amid lack of basic resources that have turned public hospitals into death traps, is testament to the rudderless leadership the country’s citizens are burdened with.

The circus continues within the Citizens Coalition for Change faction that was led by that clown and self-imposed secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu before his suspension, continues unabated.

 A member of this motley grouping, one Tshuma has now moved to recall four parliamentarians, a procedure which has now become a joke.

Meanwhile, the defilement of the august house was completed with the swearing in of Tshabangu as senator.

The conspiratorial smiles of Zanu  legislators  during the swearing in ceremony of this buffoon shows without doubt the hand of the state in this disgraceful charade, however strongly they deny it.

Indeed, this is the death of democracy.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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