Young Gems smile all the way to the bank

ZINA President Letitia Chipandu (left) and Nedbank Zimbabwe Head of Operations Charity Mandaza (right) posing for a photo at the sponsorship ceremony in Borrowdale.

Nedbank Zimbabwe have injected US $25 000 into the Young Gems as the team ramp up their preparations for the  upcoming Netball World Youth Cup 2025 Africa qualifiers in Pretoria, South Africa.

The tourney will play out between March 18 to March 24 as top African teams converge to battle it out for places at the global showpiece.

Nedbank Zimbabwe has mantained consistency in supporting netball in the country since their partnership with Zimbabwe Netball Association (ZINA) last year.

They were the platinum sponsors for the Gems when they participated in the 2023 Netball World Cup in Capetown, South Africa and also the Africa Netball Cup which took place in Botswana late last year. Additionally, they are also sponsoring the  Premier Netball League (PNL) which feeds to the national team.

Speaking at the sponsorship ceremony in Haare on Friday , head of operations for Nedbank Zimbabwe  Charity Mandaza, pledged their continued support to the Gems to try and help them reach their potential.

"At Nedbank Zimbabwe, we firmly believe in nurturing local talent and investing in sports development within our community. Our partnership with the Netball Gems extends beyond merely promoting physical activity and teamwork; it also champions the empowerment of women in sports," said Mandaza.

"By championing women in sports, Nedbank Zimbabwe aims to advance gender equality, empower women and girls to realize their full potential, and create a more inclusive and diverse sporting community. We recognize the pivotal role of women’s representation and active participation in shaping the future of sports."

"The Gems serve as a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance. Their achievements on the court inspire us all to aim for greatness, regardless of the challenges we face. As sponsors, we wholeheartedly pledge our continued support to these exceptional athletes and their journey toward excellence."

ZINA President Letitia Chipandu expressed her gratitude towards Nedbank Zimbabwe for their support, highlighting that this move will go a long way in empowering and supporting young women in sport.

"A heartfelt thank you to Nedbank Zimbabwe, whose sponsorship is not just a contribution but a testament to their belief in the potential and future of Zimbabwean netball," said Chipandu.

"Today (yesterday), we stand here, celebrating the remarkable journey of our senior team and embracing the promise and potential of our Under-21 Gems. This young team is the bearer of our dreams for the Netball World Youth Cup 2025 in Gibraltar. As we look forward to their journey, my confidence in their abilities remains steadfast. This team, which we are wholeheartedly nurturing, is not only destined for greatness on the global stage but also carries the aspirations of our nation."


Thandazile Ndlovu (Captain), Nikki J Mandeya, Lubelihle Khumalo, Ruvimbo Pawandiwa, Faith Mutero, Sharon Mugwara, Natasha Rwambiwa, Ester Kasiku, Thandiwe Mashore, Charlotte Ndlovu, Beyonce S Ndaradzi, Nyaradzai Muzondiwa, Yemurai T Seven, Amackella Phiri, Androllar T Munkuli

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