Teguru revels in Harare Classic success

The Fitness First Gym athlete, lined up against seasoned campaigners in the form of Noah Dzvokora from the same stable, South Africa’s Virgin Active’s Nigel Maphosa who were second and third, respectively.

NEWLY-crowned Harare Classic Senior Men Bodybuilding champion, Gideon Teguru (pictured), has credited his coach, Lowson Muhambi, for being the driving force behind his triumph in the tight contest at the Reps Theatre on Saturday.

The Fitness First Gym athlete, lined up against seasoned campaigners in the form of Noah Dzvokora from the same stable, South Africa’s Virgin Active’s Nigel Maphosa who were second and third, respectively.

Knowledge Mapfumo from KwaZulu Natal’s Platuct, Milton Zawe from Fitness First and Invictus’s Aaron Musarurwa completed the top sixth placements in their respective fourth to sixth standings.

Teguru, a 2018 Marume Classic champion, posed down to a Holy Ten Ucharamba Uchipisa soundtrack and was convinced that the night belonged to him.

He walked away with US$2 000 in cash, Dzvokora (US$750), while Maphosa pocketed US$500 courtesy of Eat n Lick.

“When I was home, I told myself that today (Saturday) would be my day and I chose a track to carry me through the evening and Holy Ten’s Ndakanzwa Inzwi Richiti Ndicharamba Ndichipisa was just a natural choice. I’m used to winning so I wasn’t surprised when I was declared the winner. I have been in this game for a long time, while backstage I knew I was the winner, and I wasn’t surprised,” Teguru told NewsDay Sport.

“The competition was very tough, but I have trained so hard, credit to my coach. I give thanks to him because had he not been around, I wouldn’t have won this contest. It was a very tough match, a closely contested affair with Noah Dzvokora bringing in a well-defined body.”

A visibly tired Teguru, craving a bit of junk food for a change, is contemplating sitting out of the Zimbabwe Nationals scheduled for 7 Arts in Avondale on November 25.

“I think I was well conditioned and much sharper than him (Dzvokora). He’s very big, yes but I was very sharp,” he said.

“The next contest must be Mr Zim, but I’m tired to be honest. I will see from next week and consult my coach on this. If he tells me to compete, then I will compete, but I’m tired, dieting is not easy.”

Harare classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships coordinator, Tarirai Chirume, who has been spearheading this show in the last four years, said honesty and hard work has helped them court quality sponsors.

“Many thanks to our sponsors for the job well done and the athletes who came in their best and amazing shapes and in their numbers this time around. In the past we used to have about three or five athletes in the Senior Men Bodybuilding on stage but today (Saturday) there were more than 10 and others had to be eliminated in the first round,” Chirume said.

“This means the show is growing, I’m happy to see it grow and would love to see it grow even further for the 2024 edition.”

2023 Harare Classic results

Junior Men Bodybuilding

  1. Denzel Ngwerume — Family Fitness, Harare
  2. Aaron Musarurwa — Invictus, Harare
  3. James Zviko Tashera — Sports Club, Mashonaland West
  4. Tasha Ndendere — Family Fitness, Harare
  5. Tinotenda S. Mutanha — Family Fitness, Harare

 Women Wellness Fitness

  1. Martha Favour Ngoma — Gladiator Fitness, Lusaka, Zambia
  2. Mitchel Chivake — Ladonz,,, Harare
  3. Yeukai Midzi — Muscle and Fitness, Gweru Midlands
  4. Natasha Prisca Landsberg — Classic, Harare

 Women Bikini Fitness

  1. Yeukai Midzi — Muscle and Fitness Gweru, Midlands
  2. Martha Favour Ngoma — Lusaka, Zambia
  3. Mitchel Chivake — Ladonz, Harare

 Senior Men Bodybuilding

  1. Gideon Teguru — Fitness First, Harare
  2. Noah Dzvokora — Fitness First, Harare
  3. Nigel Maphosa — Virgin Active, Gauteng, RSA
  4. Knowledge Mapfumo — Platuct, KZN, RSA
  5. Milton Zawe — Fitness First, Harare
  6. Aaron Musarurwa — Invictus, Harare

 Men's Physique

  1. Jose Luquembo — Pro Fitness, Harare
  2. Blessing Itai Sithole — Country Club, Harare
  3. Weignrace Masendeke — Royal Fitness, Harare
  4. Pearson Charakupa — Muscle and Fitness, Gweru Midlands
  5. Ronald Jiri — Pro Fitness, Harare
  6. Bruce Jones — Fitness Factory, Lilongwe, Malawi

 Men's Fitness

  1. Beloved George — Beloved Fitness, Harare
  2. Pearson Charakupa — Muscle and Fitness, Gweru Midlands
  3. Paul Bako — Goans, Harare
  4. Francois Joey T Nyashanu — Harare
  5. Washington Zafalo — Justice, Harare
  6. Prince Merijara — Word 5, Harare

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