Divine insight: How to have victory over the spirit of poverty

It's important to remember that demons do not inhabit the human spirit, but they do impact other human spirit through the faculties of the human body.

Demon's do not inhabit the spirit, but they do impact the spirit through the human flesh. There are specific demons that affect particular regions/areas of the flesh. For instance, demons of lust often target the eyes .To control the eyes is to control how a person perceives life. Therefore, if one seeks mastery over the spirit of lust, they must gain control over this gateway.

Other demons, like the spirit of poverty, affect the mind. It's important to remember that demons do not inhabit the human spirit, but they do impact other human spirit through the faculties of the human body. So, when the spirit of poverty operates in or influences the mind, it affects one's decision-making process.

It's crucial to understand that humans are primarily spiritual beings residing in physical bodies, with minds as the interface. When a person passes away, we often say that they have 'gone,' referring to the departure of their spirit. The human spirit serves as the core of our identity and essence, and it originates from God, hence cannot be corrupted by demons, but can be influenced by our flesh.

However, demons do not inhabit the human spirit directly because it is divinely created and incorruptible. Instead, they target the flesh, which inherited a sinful nature due to Adam's disobedience. The flesh, being corrupted, is vulnerable to demonic influence.

To affect the spirit, demons must operate through the flesh. In other words, they influence the spirit indirectly by manipulating the flesh. The mind acts as a gateway, allowing interaction between the spirit and the flesh. If the spirit is the source of life, then corrupting it or impacting it requires influencing the flesh through the mind.

The mind serves as the gateway that allows the spirit to control the flesh or permits the flesh to influence the spirit. The Spirit of poverty specifically targets this gateway, making it one of its most insidious aspects. To illustrate, imagine corrupt officials manning a physical gate. Despite good intentions, their corruption undermines the effectiveness of any positive efforts.

Poverty affects the mind, altering thought processes and perspectives on life. Even when presented with opportunities, individuals under the influence of poverty may remain blind to them. This is because poverty distorts one's perception, hindering the recognition of potential opportunities.

The challenge with poverty lies in its ability to deceive. Many may be bound by poverty without realising it, as its impact is primarily on the mind. Overcoming poverty involves recognising its presence and addressing its influence on the mind.

Being poor doesn't necessarily equate to struggling with poverty. Poverty is more than just a financial state; it's a condition that robs individuals of their sense of identity and purpose. The spirit of poverty keeps individuals in a state of vulnerability, susceptible to external influences and lacking in self-awareness.

Dealing with poverty requires addressing the mind. However, this becomes challenging when individuals are unaware of the corruption within their minds. Recognising and confronting the corrupt 'gatekeepers' within one's mind is essential to breaking free from the grip of poverty.

Efforts to combat the spirit of poverty often involve prayers aimed at its removal. However, poverty's stronghold lies in its influence over the mind. Many struggle to gain dominion over the Spirit of poverty because they rely solely on prayer without understanding its influence.

The lack of comprehension regarding the areas affected by poverty leads to difficulties in overcoming it. Poverty's influence on the mind hinders individuals from making informed decisions. Thus, renewing the mind becomes paramount. Scripture advises us to renew our minds to discern what is good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Indecisiveness, a common symptom of poverty's grip, can be remedied through knowledge and understanding. As the Bible states, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.' Seeking knowledge and revelation are crucial for deliverance from spiritual poverty. Therefore, acquiring knowledge about God's will and purpose for one's life is imperative.

In summary, while prayer is important, gaining authority over poverty necessitates acquiring knowledge. Seek God's will and purpose diligently to gain insight and understanding, thus empowering yourself to overcome the spirit of poverty.

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