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Mark Mtombeni

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Navigating Zim's currency conundrum

Structured currencies are monetary systems backed by tangible assets such as gold or commodities, offering stability and intrinsic value.
By Mark Mtombeni Apr. 21, 2024

ZiG fails to solve change woes

Backed by foreign exchange reserves, precious metals, and valuable minerals, the ZiG was presented as a solution to Zimbabwe’s longstanding economic woes.
By Mark Mtombeni Jun. 2, 2024

Will arresting ‘money changers’ increase confidence in ZiG?

Only by addressing these fundamental issues can Zimbabwe build a stable and prosperous economy, restoring confidence in the ZiG and reducing reliance on the black market.
By Mark Mtombeni Jun. 9, 2024

The importance of re-registering your business

Introduced on February 13, 2020, this act necessitates that all Zimbabwean registered companies and business corporations re-register.
By Mark Mtombeni Jul. 7, 2024