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Hurt by the news: Streak

News articles reporting his death had been published by both the Guardian and Reuters, with many paying tribute to Zimbabwe’s leading international wicket taker.
By Online Aug. 24, 2023

Police stop Lungu from attending church service

Lungu and his wife had travelled to Ndola for a church function held at St. Andrews Church being hosted by the Ndola Pastors' Fellowship.
By Online Sep. 9, 2023

Hebrew Scriptures: The binding of Isaac

If one reads a few verses below the Hebrew scriptures, one finds that the sacrifice was the ram caught in the thicket.
By Online Dec. 17, 2023

Raj Modi: The man with a quiet presence

He loathes a lavish lifestyle and is often at pains to explain why people indulge in unnecessary material things.
By Online Feb. 4, 2024

Zambia ‘gravely concerned’ over Mnangagwa statements

In the video Mnangagwa implied that the United States wanted to isolate his country.
By Online Jun. 21, 2024