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ChiTown shooting victim demands compensation

The shooting happened on June 27 when Muchazorwewa had gone to collect her five-year-old daughter, Aisha, from school.
By Tafadzwa Kachiko and Tatenda Kunaka Sep. 15, 2022

‘Art therapy critical in combating mental disorders’

Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being at the same time affecting how people think, feel and act.
By Tatenda Kunaka Sep. 18, 2022

Zim needs monarch system, says prophet

“In order to witness economic turnaround because that was the system prior to the war.
By Tatenda Kunaka Sep. 25, 2022

What is it with Chitungwiza and prophets?

Chaminuka was the first to prophesy about the coming of whites and colonisation of Zimbabwe.
By Tatenda Kunaka Oct. 9, 2022

Ousted Chitungwiza mayor bounces back under CCC

Chitungwiza was left without a substantive mayor when Maiko was recalled by the MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora in March.
By Tatenda Kunaka and Tafadzwa Kachiko Oct. 8, 2022

Extra-judicial killing haunts Matanga, Kazembe

Chibondo, who is represented by Mavhunga and Associates, also cited Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Commissioner General Godwin Matanga in her summons.
By Tafadzwa Kachiko and Tatenda Kunaka Oct. 23, 2022

Rein in on drug lords: Sekuru Kafera

Crystal meth is a highly potent and addictive manmade stimulant that can lead to violent behaviour.
By Tatenda Kunaka Nov. 6, 2022

Pfumela releases first debut album

Upcoming Afro traditional artiste Evans “Pfumela” Mapfumo released his debut album titled Afamba Apota.
By Tatenda Kunaka Jan. 22, 2023

Fashion designer targets new market

The 29-year-old designer launched Farmfit Luxury Wear at the beginning of last year targeting agriculture personnel.
By Tatenda Kunaka Jan. 22, 2023

MP hounded by stalkers

They were detained alongside 14 other Nyatsime residents charged with inciting public violence. 
By Tatenda Kunaka Feb. 12, 2023

What to look out when buying used car

Many people are buying used/second hand cars because they can not afford expensive  brand new cars.
By Tatenda Kunaka Feb. 19, 2023

New Afro-fusion voice vows to tackle social issues

“It is our duty as artistes to try and address such challenges especially in this modern technological era whereby young people are easily swayed by western media.
By Tatenda Kunaka Feb. 26, 2023

Consider ‘depth’ of your pocket when buying a car

To avoid being in a financial mess and to save money, consider many factors below.
By Tatenda Kunaka Feb. 26, 2023

Training of pool minders critical in saving lives

Pritchard Mauya, the company's chief operating officer told Standard Style shared some tips to be followed.
By Tatenda Kunaka Feb. 26, 2023

MP accuses Zanu PF of fuelling drug scourge

Chimbaira said known drug lords and peddlers in Chitungwiza were linked to the ruling party with some having claimed that they were unstoppable.
By Tatenda Kunaka Mar. 19, 2023

NGO advocates for peace ahead of elections

Group co-ordinator Danmore Chimusoro said peace and unity were vital before and after elections.
By Tatenda Kunaka Jul. 20, 2023

Black Vendetta mafia gang ravages ChiTown

There are claims that the gang is linked to Zanu PF, but the ruling party yesterday disowned the vigilante group.
By Tatenda Kunaka Jul. 26, 2023

Mapfumo heads to Festac

The talented guitarist hopes that the 5th world's black and African festival of arts and culture will act as a springboard for him and his band.
By Tatenda Kunaka Mar. 29, 2024

ChiTown water, sewage problems will soon come to an end: Mayor

A local company, Wistmer Investment, working with the government, has taken steps to bring solutions to this problem.
By Tatenda Kunaka Mar. 29, 2024

Chitungwiza let me down: Former acting mayor

A by-election will be held on April 27 where Mutimbanyoka will contest against Ropafadzo Cynthia Cheza, an independent candidate.
By Tatenda Kunaka Apr. 12, 2024

What’s in a name? How indigenous names face extinction

Some of the English names that dominated over the years included Nomore, Office, September and Friday.
By Tatenda Kunaka Jun. 1, 2024