Harare residents fume over explosion of service stations

A recent Zimbabwe Republic Police crackdown revealed that many vehicles were roaming the streets unregistered.
By Vincent Mungofa Mar. 8, 2024

Investors bet on fuel service stations

Economist Vince Muswere said investors were being attracted by stability in the sector. He, however, noted the prices of fuel remain uncompetitive.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tafadzwa Mhlanga Mar. 1, 2024

Zera crafts new rules for EV charging ports

He said the policy framework basically looked at what was the current EV status within the country and which areas they were going to be looking at in terms of improving that level.
By Tatira Zwinoira Mar. 1, 2024

Zimra wants military solution to smuggling

Edington Muzambani, CEO at Zera, confirmed at the time that the regulator had dispatched teams countrywide to probe fuel contamination following a drumbeat of anger by motorists.
By Freeman Makopa Mar. 1, 2024

International Renewable Energy Conference & Expo 2024: Zera works on framework to establish more EV charging ports

With Zimbabwe holding significant lithium deposits, the main substance used for EV batteries, the government is pushing for mass adoption of EVs.
By Tatira Zwinoira Mar. 1, 2024

Energy firm applies for power retail supply licence

The application, if successful, will help to ease power shortages that have crippled several sectors of the economy in the country.
By Belinda Chiroodza Jan. 19, 2024

Zera projects a surge in renewable energy investments 

Zera CEO Edington Mazambani told Standardbusiness in an interview that businesses were embracing renewable energy for their own consumption and net-metering.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Dec. 17, 2023

‘Local production processes are energy inefficient’

In its November 2023 newsletter, the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) revealed that Cedic and the ZERA undertook industry studies on energy efficiency.
By Tatira Zwinoira Dec. 13, 2023

Businesses demand dedicated load-shedding schedules

Some companies were not relying on generators because the cost of using them eats into the revenue, Kamungeremu said.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Dec. 11, 2023