Regional industrialists invade Zim market for USD

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) had warned that the new power cuts trend was going to be catastrophic to industry.
By Rugare Mubika 17h ago
Local smelters increase chrome prices
Local smelters increase chrome prices
Chrome miners had been appealing to the government to extend its deadline on the export of raw chrome fines after the fines were exempted from the previous ban on chrome exports.
By Tinashe Makichi 17h ago
Zimdollar in spectacular freefall
Zimbabwe suffered the highest levels of hyperinflation ever recorded for a nation in peacetime in 2007 and 2008.
By Mthandazo Nyoni 17h ago
Elections pose risk to Zim economic recovery: AfDB
“The highly volatile external environment has spilt over to the African continent, threatening to halt the gradual recovery from the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Adesina said.
By Staff Reporter 17h ago
Zim to premier at metals value-addition conference
In an interview with the Independent, Mangisi said Zimbabwe had made significant strides in value addition and beneficiation of metals and minerals.
By Sydney Kawadza 17h ago
Muzarabani investors on fundraising spree
Chimbodza said in 2023, Geo Associates will continue with its exploration mandate while various activities are planned for the year.
By Elma Zhoya 17h ago
Climate change sucks life out of hydro-power generation
Energy Economic Group (EEG) programme director Simon Trace argues that climate is putting hydro-power under threat.
By Sydney Kawadza 18h ago
Interview: ‘Transnational crimes threaten growth’
I work to stop the bleeding in Africa, so what we focus on are injustices related to trade, investments, debt and taxation.
By Melody Chikono 18h ago
Forceful headwinds ahead for Zanu PF
A rabble-rouser of note, he has been a thorn in the flesh of Zanu PF ever since he went rogue.
By Sydney Kawadza Jan. 20, 2023
Interview: Vehicle licensing truancy stifling road rehabilitation
A highlight of Zimbabwe’s crumbling public infrastructure is the rapid deterioration of the country’s road network.
By Freeman Makopa Jan. 20, 2023
Climate change stoking veld fires
Jolted by the accident, the government announced a raft of measures to strongly and effectively reduce the risk of veld fires.
By Sydney Kawadza and Elma Zhoya Jan. 20, 2023
Treasury owes ‘ID blitz’ staff millions of dollars
The amount, sources told this publication, was higher than US$60 for workers deployed in far-flung areas such as Binga in Matabeleland North.
By Tinashe Kairiza Jan. 20, 2023
Seed Co chair's US$2,3m case finally goes to trial
In a meeting recently, the prosecution team indicated that the trial date had now been set for January 30 2023.
By Staff Reporter Jan. 20, 2023
Ema exonerates Chinese brick maker
Villagers, according to the company, have also benefited from getting bricks in their proximity at affordable prices.
By Elma Zhoya Jan. 20, 2023
Zec report: Mliswa blasts parly ad hoc committee
Togarepi lost his Gutu South constituency according to the delimitation report, a situation that could have motivated Mliswa’s concerns.
By Sydney Kawadza Jan. 20, 2023
New portfolios spawn fresh Zanu PF fissures
Party leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa tweaked politburo portfolios while appointing members and creating new positions.
By Sydney Kawadza Jan. 20, 2023
Gun crime rattles security sector
The gruesome murder of a senior police officer and two others in Hwedza recently sent shockwaves across the security sector.
By Freeman Makopa Jan. 20, 2023
5 investors vie for StanChart
StanChart’s departure ends a 130-year presence in Zimbabwe.
By Tinashe Makichi and Sydney Kawadza Jan. 20, 2023
EU extends US$500m windfall to Zim
Over two decades ago, the EU slapped Zimbabwe with sanctions in response to a Council decision that Mugabe’s administration was grossly violating human rights.
By Tinashe Kairiza Jan. 20, 2023
‘ZDI gets permit to export raw lithium’
In a bid to restore order in the areas where the globally sought-after mineral is being informally mined, the government swiftly banned the exportation of unprocessed lithium.
By Tinashe Kairiza and Tinashe Makichi Jan. 13, 2023
Vic Falls corruption jolts July Moyo into action
Dube, who last year told the Independent that he was being victimised because: “he is neither Tonga nor Nambya” is also accused of expropriating US$84 000 from the local authority’s account.
By Tinashe Kairiza Jan. 13, 2023
TIMB puts contractors owing tobacco growers on notice
The latest measures will see some contractors not being allowed to buy tobacco in the event they owe farmers their dues.
By Tinashe Makichi Jan. 13, 2023
Feature: Harmful practices bleed the border
The women speak momentarily to the soldiers, then they proceed on the dusty paths that lead into Mozambique.
By Linda Mujuru Jan. 13, 2023
Banks exploring lending in forex
This was in part due to local currency depreciation, as well as, exogenous factors, such as the increase in international prices of food and fuel.   
By Kudzai Kuwaza Jan. 6, 2023
Ministries assessment
Foreign currency shortages are deepening while various volatilities continue to batter the economy.
By The Independent Jan. 6, 2023
Mliswa: No political party will accept my cyclonic nature
This follows rumours that Mliswa had intentions to rejoin the ruling Zanu PF  party from which he was expelled in 2018 over allegations of fuelling factionalism.
By Sydney Kawadza Jan. 6, 2023
Ambitious Vic Falls tourism project awaits cabinet nod
Old Mutual recently demonstrated an appetite to unlock opportunities in Zimbabwe’s resource-rich north-western region by investing in solar generation and hospitality properties.
By Tinashe Makichi Jan. 6, 2023
Govt in Psmas headache.
 As of October 21 2022, documents seen by this publication reveal that PSMI only had 35 of its medical units still functional.
By Tapfumanei Muchabaiwa Jan. 6, 2023