Be prepared for winter to avoid cold weather risks

Those who are homeless and those who live in poorly insulated or cold homesare particularly vulnerable to winter illnesses.
By Cimas May. 17, 2024
Sustainable switch: Climate focus
Sustainable switch: Climate focus
In recent months, the natural El Niño phenomenon, which warms the surface waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean, has also raised temperatures.
By Sharon Kimathi May. 17, 2024
The nexus between AI, African states
Economically, AI can optimise agricultural practices, improve crop yield and enhance food security in African states as African states rely more on AI.
By Fanwell Makura and Kudakwashe Mugonde May. 17, 2024
SA polls: The fall of the ANC
The economy is a wreck, but the resources are still there. The schools are atrocious, but enough children succeed to make it one of the better educated countries in Africa.
By Gwynne Dyer May. 17, 2024
The new Ford Raptor is a handsome hulk
Additionally, the wheel-mounted controls allow the driver to adjust the suspension and steering settings, and a single button can save and access their preferred combination.
By Andrew Muzamhindo May. 17, 2024
Old wine in new bottles
The ZiG was launched on April 5, 2024, with the government claiming to back it with reserves amounting to a substantial sum of up to US$285 million.
By Equity Axis May. 17, 2024
No way out: Zim youth under siege
The lack of access to mental health services and stigma surrounding mental health in Zimbabwe further complicates the situation.
By Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto May. 17, 2024
Tragic nature of the ZiG rollout
The Zimbabwe dollar, ZiG’s predecessor, suffered a similar fate. The bond notes were first presented by the government in 2016 under the guise of "export incentive scheme".
By Mthandazo Nyoni May. 17, 2024
Factoring: Zim’s untapped financial opportunity
The issues are the bigger issues of the country, but we hope now with the sanctions, we declared to have been removed, we hope that constraints will reduce.
By Melody Chikono May. 17, 2024
What the Zany is going on?
This was because the Zimbabwe dollar equivalent paid by the tax collector was lost to inflation. And the government has been keen to tell us that inflation was under control.
By Muckraker May. 17, 2024
Embracing the beauty of motherhood in Africa
The stories of Wasu and countless other mothers inspire us to appreciate the resilience and beauty of motherhood in Africa.
By Grace Chirenje May. 17, 2024
Thriving banking sector, shrinking confidence
Reports from most people, as well official data, indicate receding deposits and increased withdrawals as economic players prefer “under the pillow” banking to traditional banking.
By Tinashe Duma May. 17, 2024
Regulated, safe and secure platform for CFDs trading
Exposure to such investment options locally is envisaged to attract funds that were invested offshore back into the country since these investments will now be available.
By Rufaro Hozheri May. 17, 2024
Candid Comment: Zim needs to hold free, fair elections
In a healthy democracy, credible elections give candidates and governments legitimacy. They give the legal right and authority to act on behalf of the people.
By Tinashe Kairiza May. 17, 2024
Editors Memo: Why should we trust you on ZBC?
You only need to peruse through forensic reports to understand why our roads are the worst in southern Africa.
By Shame Makoshori May. 17, 2024
How Much Can You Make a Day Trading With $1000?
You must develop a thorough plan and choose the most effective strategies for day trading with $1000
By Theindependent May. 17, 2024
IMTT standardised for USD, ZiG
Individuals and businesses will turn to informal channels to avoid the tax burden.
By Tinashe Duma May. 10, 2024
ZITF, the Zim we all want!
Those that have continued to stay in their high density constituencies live behind high perimeter walls and shut gates.
By Unika Kombora May. 10, 2024
Metbank a property firm with a banking licence?
Whether Metbank is a property-owning company, or a banking institution remains yours to decide.
By Rufaro Hozheri May. 10, 2024
The big threat that they are hiding away from Mnangagwa
If we reach this stage, they will flock to other countries in droves to buy food for their families.
By Shame Makoshori May. 10, 2024
Unpacking hidden value of talent management in supply chain (II)
Supply chain professionals should constantly remind each other that the so-called best efforts today may not be good enough for the unknown tomorrow.
By Charles Nyika May. 10, 2024
ZimInd @28: Reflections of excellence
The responsibility for safeguarding the future of the newspaper industry does not rest solely on our shoulders.
By Faith Zaba May. 10, 2024
New ZiG currency on a free flow: Here is what we know
The ZiG is now Zimbabwe’s legal tender for all public and private debts and is part of a multi-currency basket that includes the US dollar (USD) and South African rand, among others.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda May. 10, 2024
Zim diving into the AI Wave
From self-driving cars to virtual assistants and medical diagnosis tools, AI applications are rapidly transforming our world. Why Study Artificial Intelligence?
By Naison Bangure May. 10, 2024
A look at Zim’s road network
Due to its importance, policymakers and stakeholders should have a continual commitment to ensure that the country's road network is in good condition.
By Kevin Tutani May. 10, 2024
Beware of phone call scams
Zimbabwe is no exception to this growing menace, as an increasing number of individuals are falling victim to phone call scams.
By Jacob Mutisi May. 10, 2024
AI revolutionising Zim media
As the world undergoes transformative changes driven by advanced technologies, the need for workforce reskilling and organisational adaptation becomes increasingly urgent.
By Tapiwa Jongwe May. 10, 2024
What every manager needs to know about job interviewing
The unfortunate part is that most job interviews practiced by many companies are unstructured, leading to bad hiring.
By Memory Nguwi May. 10, 2024