Mudenda blocks debate on ED’s Zambia gaffe

Critics accused Mnangagwa of worsening Zimbabwe’s already sour relations with Zambia since he took office from the late President Robert Mugabe in a 2017 coup.
By Nqobani Ndlovu 19h ago

African debt restructuring: A new approach wanted

The debt service burden for African countries in 2022 amounted to almost 12% of their total revenue.
By Artwell Dodzo Jun. 7, 2024

Let’s all have confidence in our local currency

The country has gone through cycles of currency changes since the year 2000 with many people having lost all their savings in the process.
By Johannes Marisa May. 31, 2024

ZimRe Holdings firms regional balance sheet

By investing in these assets, ZimRe is looking to shore up its balance sheet.
By Melody Chikono May. 17, 2024

China emerges as Zim’s largest FDI source

Other countries where PPRIZ is conducting the multi-stakeholder reference group programme are Zambia and South Africa.
By Silas Nkala May. 6, 2024

Zambia presents huge export opportunities for Zim agric firms

Zimbabwe has been exporting mineral fuels, iron and steel products and articles of paper, to Zambia while importing cereals, beverages and ceramic products from its neighbour.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Apr. 21, 2024

Study rules out human factor in southern Africa drought

President Emerson Mnangagwa is seeking US$2 billion from the international community to avert food shortages after declaring the drought a state of disaster.
By Nhau Mangirazi Apr. 20, 2024

Local firms to showcase at Zambia’s Agritech Expo

Participating at the Agritech Expo presents an opportunity for local suppliers to get new markets for the products and services and hence begin trade.
By Business Reporter Apr. 12, 2024

Remembering Zimbabwean health care system’s heyday

Working in Zimbabwe immediately after independence was a stark difference for Stella compared to what she witnesses today.
By Gamuchirai Masiyiwa Mar. 31, 2024