Water crisis hits Cowdray Park

In a desperate bid to ease the water challenges, council announced plans to build Glass Block Dam in Filabusi to augment supplies from other dams.
By Silas Nkala Jul. 5, 2024

Water crisis: Byo women’s increasingly tough balancing act

“The challenge of menstrual management can be difficult as long as there is no water,” she said.
By Nqobani Ndlovu May. 26, 2024

BCC meets potential partners for new dam

Bulawayo has 120-hour water shedding in place after the decommissioning of Mzingwane Dam due to low levels of water leaving the city with six dams supplying water. 
By Silas Nkala May. 1, 2024

Govt urged to walk the talk on Byo water crisis

The local authority recently asked the government to declare the city a water crisis area to pave way for international support for short-to-medium term solutions.
By Patricia Sibanda Apr. 19, 2024

Government yet to declare Bulawayo water crisis area

Declaring the city a water crisis area would allow the local authority to mobilise international support for short-to-medium term projects to alleviate the city’s water crisis.
By Innocent Magondo Mar. 3, 2024

Govt moves in to alleviate Byo’s water crisis

Masuka said the government identified sites where drilling of boreholes will take place to alleviate the water situation in Bulawayo.
By Innocent Magondo Mar. 1, 2024

Water challenges push Harare women to brink of poverty

This came to light on the sidelines of the Borehole Diaries, an event hosted by Shamwari YeMwanasikana at various Chitungwiza water collection points.
By Lorraine Muromo Dec. 4, 2023

Gweru water crisis deepens

Gweru Residents Forum director Charles Mazorodze said council should invite other stakeholders as the water crisis was a public health threat.
By Stephen Chadenga Nov. 15, 2023

Name, shame huge water bill defaulters

It is our considered view that Zinwa needs to be more aggressive as opposed to sweet-talking debtors who are threatening its and our very own survival.
By Newsday Nov. 10, 2023