Blitz exposes unregistered medicines

Rukwata called on the public to report any suspicious pharmaceutical activities to aid in creating a safer environment for all Zimbabweans.
By Gracious Daniel Apr. 10, 2024

MCAZ red-flags 2 cancer drugs

In a statement, MCAZ director Richard Rukwata identified the drugs as Isotretinoin and Thalidomide.
By Nhau Mangirazi Jun. 24, 2023

MCAZ warns against illegal skin lightening products

In a statement yesterday, MCAZ acting director Richard Rukwata said the authority has not approved or registered any injectables or oral products for skin lightening.
By Methembe Sibanda Dec. 20, 2022

Health time bomb as drug prices soar

These medicines are sold on street corners and in open spaces.
By Tendai Makaripe Oct. 14, 2022

MCAZ warns on STC30 drug

MCAZ acting director-general Richard Rukwata said STC30 had not been regulated in Zimbabwe.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Sep. 19, 2022