Israel-Gaza: ‘No boots on the ground’

This is, of course, a far better solution to the problem of starving Palestinians than the current US practice of air-dropping meal packets to them.
By Gwynne Dyer Mar. 15, 2024

More than 100 reported killed as crowd waits for Gaza aid

Stay with us as we bring you all the latest on this story.
By Bbc News Feb. 29, 2024

Column: Hypocrisy and the ‘rules-based order’

The ICJ has no ability to supervise what is actually happening in Gaza and a ruling on the original accusation of genocide will take literally years to emerge from the court.
By Gwynne Dyer Feb. 2, 2024

The flipside to Israel-Hamas war

One can conclude, therefore, that Hamas has become a victim of its own success it allowed its hatred for Israel to cloud its better, more practical and intelligent judgement.
By Ignatius Tsuro Feb. 2, 2024

Zim: A bottled up nation

Lest we are charged with inciting violence, we will gently put down the pen here and watch the pressure cooker boil.
By Newsday Jan. 15, 2024

Letter from America: US Jewish lobby suppresses growing student protests

The state governor had communicated to him that he too, must go.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jan. 7, 2024

Letter from America: US-Israel syndicate loses high moral ground!

By highlighting atrocities in Gaza, the US-Israeli criminal syndicate has lost the moral raison detre for being there.
By Kenneth Mufuka Dec. 31, 2023

Internet blackouts in Gaza a new weapon in the Israel-Hamas war

On October 27, Israel reportedly imposed a full internet shutdown in the area, cutting off the last remaining connectivity for about 34 hours as its troops moved into the Gaza Strip.
By Jacob Mutisi Dec. 1, 2023

Interview: The Gaza conflict: Diaspora’s trauma, anxiety and anguish

I have managed only a scant few hours of rest since the onset of the aggression.
By Tendai Makaripe Dec. 1, 2023