The utility of neutrality

Enough of those nuclear missiles and bombers would be intercepted over Canada to destroy the country even if it weren’t targeted directly, so membership in Nato wouldn’t save it.
By Gwynne Dyer Mar. 1, 2024

Feature: Canadians pedal for mothers in Gutu

Hamilton is the ninth largest city in the vast expanse of Canada, while Mupandawana, having achieved town status only in 2014, is much less developed.
By Ngoni Donald Muzofa Sep. 4, 2023

Chinese firm gets lucrative US$200m exploration deal

A cabinet source told the Independent that the deal recently got an executive nod and was good to go.
By Tinashe Makichi Jun. 23, 2023

Youtube lowers monetisation eligibility to 500 subscribers

Other monetization streams are also opening up to a wider group of creators
By The Verge Jun. 20, 2023

Robert De Niro welcomes seventh child at 79

De Niro, who has six other children from previous relationships with three women, did not reveal the identity of the mother of his seventh.
By Bbc News May. 11, 2023

Upcoming NBA Players to watch in the coming years

After making his first, of what is sure to be many, NBA All-Star selections the Canadian guard has already
By Newsday May. 9, 2023

Why Zimbabweans have left for Canada and New Zealand

it benefits from the droves of Hollywood movie releases
By Newsday May. 1, 2023

It’s time we consider national health insurance

HIV is still wreaking havoc with many people still testing positive to the virus. HIV prevalence is less than 14% though in our country.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Mar. 5, 2023

Unlock the impact potential of agricultural SMEs in Africa: Experts

The African Development Bank Group and the Government of Canada announced the establishment of a new special fund to support Africa’s small and medium-sized enterprises in the agriculture sector.
By African Development Bank Feb. 12, 2023