Home-based remittance for economic turnaround

A lot of time and investment goes into research and development. Some ideas need the government support to see the light of day.

Most people use newspapers to wash their car windows. Reading and archiving newspapers will become useful someday. According to Malcom X, “Reading one book can change your life.” Reading one newspaper can change your income.

There are many ideas found in every publication as writers summarize their research.

A lot of time and investment goes into research and development. Some ideas need the government support to see the light of day.

Regulations limit the execution of potential employers.

For the economy to turn around we need policies that allow innovation and creativity to be nurtured. A policy that is not only theoretical but also practical and operational.

The secret behind creativity is that opportunities are created. Slow processes are threatened by change and therefore sabotage the creative process.

Innovation and creative hubs must be all inclusive without fear or favor. What is the point of submitting an idea to a panel that will only steal the idea? We need more positive criticism and ways to further develop ideas. Most projects are terminated in infancy.

Many a time you hear of cases where people start seeing their ideas being implemented without consultation. We need to value and respect the intellectual property rights of innovators. A question arises, who’s responsibility is it that an idea is expressed?

The true expression of an idea takes resources, and scarcity will prevent the creator to excel. This rule is set aside when the government intervenes and secures the necessary contracts and licenses.

The request that is there is not for money, innovators and creators are asking for the legislation to allow them to pursue their talents and skills for the development of our motherland.

Time will not allow us to follow every idea we have but at least the chance to pursue our purpose must not be taken away. I have seen only top 3 to 5 contestants being given the opportunity to pursue their ideas. Others are disqualified because of age but is there an age limit to coming up with a good idea.

Those selected are competing at a financial level. There might not be enough money to give every entry, but a contract will allow trade to commence.

Innovation and creative hubs that receive submissions only to respond several months later are also slowing the creative process.

The only way we can find ourselves is if we begin working on ideas and turn them into businesses. Barriers to entry especially in the financial services need to be lowered.

I hereby introduce an innovation in the financial services sector of Home-Based Remittance, for the purpose of financial inclusion. Home-based remittance is a simple way of sending and receiving money, whilst you are in the comfort of your home.

The messengers will be operating as tailors to deposit the money that you are sending and to withdraw the money you are receiving.

Delivery vehicles will and motorbikes will be used by men and women to transport the cash in transit.

The door-to-door business model involves personal selling management.

A security threat arises from theft and hijackings because the vehicles may draw attention with their branding. The option to mitigate this risk is not to have vehicle branding, but to give employees uniforms and identification cards. For further security clients will be assigned a personal banker from the head office that know the customer.

The international standard of know-your-customer K-Y-C will be used and implemented for the messenger to verify the customer details. An issue of money laundering and terrorism financing might arise hence source of funds need to be verified.

Home Based Remittance concept may also be applied in other areas such as Banking. Where the banker is mobile and goes directly to the home of the client for banking services. This innovation is the future of financial services.

The introduction of Home-based remittance and mobile banking will develop the online industry.

Products and services bought online will be delivered more frequently to customer homes. Delivery is soon becoming a way of life.

Imagine having your money brought to you or sending money without leaving your gate.

When financial resources come to you, almost every other resource will follow. In economic terms, the demand for money precedes other demands.

All of this is made possible when innovation and creative hubs are willing to adopt home based remittance and mobile banking, as an opportunity for economic growth.

Payroll will also be transformed as employees earn at home.

Work from home jobs increase and our economy’s trade in service will rise.

  • Chikwenhere is the author of Affirmative 21 Laws How to Confess. He is a brand strategist, image consultant and founder of Zimbabwe Brand Association. — [email protected].

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