Gold and white papers

Great art inspired by gold.

Gold is valuable and it is important to identify what the market is willing to trade for. In the modern context, the money market has created a need for investors to preserve their investment. Gold used as part of forex trading is a sustainable idea.

A good assessment needs to be considered on the duration of investment. The long-term benefit seems lucrative. There are other short term gains that are achievable when using gold for trade.

Digital art is accurately valued against the price of gold. The value of an artwork is assigned a specific weight of gold according to the measuring standard set by artists. Both gold and art are good investment instruments with an aesthetic value.

Different sizes of white canvas or white paper used in creating digital art carry a value equivalent to the weight of gold. The colours used in digital art also have values of equivalence, to the price of gold.

Using a reliable and measurable system with digital art that is heterogeneous creates a unique and diverse collection in the value chain.

Mussa Mensah followed in the order of Abubakar Mensah because mentorship is important. A success principle is to become like your predecessor. Before you create art, you need to have a source of inspiration to draw from.

Great art is inspired by gold. Gold is a colour code that is used in digital art. When there is actual gold to back the digital art, the value of the digital art becomes equal to the value of gold stored in a physical location.

At a higher level, if digital art has the equal value of gold without a need of the actual metal, then truly the artwork is white gold. When investors believe in digital art,they value the name of the artist. Some names are more valuable than gold.

Many ideas are exciting but can only be feasible when there is a sound investment and a good going to market strategy. Many inventors and artists have remarkable inventions and artworks.

There is a lack of relevant platforms to showcase their innovations and creativity.

Innovation and creativity hubs are important centres to nurture and develop talent. However, inventors and artists need financial incentives and rewards to continue with their research and development.

To develop a market for digital art, all the stakeholders need to promote the industry and to invest in the growth of the artists. This will add value to the economy as part of employment creation. Women and youths are encouraged to have digital creative projects as this allows access to a global market.

Investment in gold is lucrative because there is a going concern. Tomorrow gold will have value. Some business plans lack the going concern component. Investors need a guarantee that the business will succeed or continue to operate.

With digital art, there is a growing concern in the sense that once the art is bought, there is a high probability it will be sold again. Digital art contains the base gold value and a mark-up to cover transactional fees and other costs. Digital art is valued differently in various formats and depending on the artist. Art Galleries are the platform where digital art is put on exhibition and for the friends of the gallery to have a good appreciation of the artist and his or her work.

The background and scope of the artist plays an important role in ascertaining the initial added value of the artwork against the cost of art supplies. To sell digital art, an auction system needs to be initiated after the starting price.

Entrepreneurs know best to find value in documents. There is value in paperwork such as business contracts, appointment letters and invitations. One suitable business contract can be equivalent to years of stable income.

For the executives, a well-deserved letter of appointment is capable of changing your lifestyle and economic status. For the businesspeople, some invitation letters to attend a seminar are a great chance to meet experts who will catapult you to the next level of your success story.

Value in paperwork is a turning point for most people. A college diploma or university degree is the beginning for most students to change their life stories. A professor who has received citations finds the value of the white papers equivalent to gold. For some authors, to be a resident writer is equivalent to gold, based on the opportunities the faculty presents.  Rewarding the human effort by ascertaining values of white papers, newspaper and journal articles equivalent to gold prices. The assumption is that validated, published or notarised documents are equivalent to measurable units of gold.

Curated digital art and documents are valuable. An auction system for digital art will bring buyers and sellers together. The bid price will include a margin over the initial gold prices.  Digital art and documents begin with gold prices and increase in value as more gold to back it is allotted.

On the other hand, digital art begins with an initial gold price and ascertains pricing from market forces of the digital art auction.

The digital art is based on two pricing systems. The first is gold based and subsequently with a price ceiling a market prices mechanism. Using the two methods creates a standard for a market and industry to develop with prediction and stability.

Gold is a reliable and valid indicator of value, as there is a global market. To monitor white papers, documents and digital art, it requires simple tracking of gold prices. The method is simple,and the business model is easy to execute through a manual and electronic system. Gold in digital art is integrated into information systems. Documents that are serialised with unique keys are valuable and subject to audits. These one-of-a-kind documents and artworks are difficult to replicate and replace.

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