ED challenger frustrated with ‘bombing’ investigations

Sybeth Musengezi

A Zanu PF activist who is challenging President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s legitimacy as the ruling party leader says there has been no “meaningful investigation” after his home was petrol-bombed last month.

Unknown people petrol-bombed Sybeth Musengezi’s home last month, destroying a vehicle and property worth thousands of dollars.

The Zanu PF activist has been quick to lay the blame on ruling party activists, and says this was an attempt to intimidate him to drop his court challenge.

His house was petrol-bombed ahead of a High Court sitting on his court challenge that month.

He had also filed another court challenge to block Mnangagwa from presiding over Zanu PF’s recent elective congress.

Musengezi told The Standard on Thursday that he was frustrated over lack of progress into the petrol-bombing case.

“I have not received any meaningful feedback from the police with regards to investigations,” Musengezi said in an interview.

“I gave them a list of my suspect's but the last time I checked they had not interviewed a single one of them despite having knowledge of their business addresses which are Zanu PF offices.

“The Officer-in-Charge of the Law and Order Anti-Terrorism unit said they only called the suspects three weeks ago and they promised to come when it’s convenient to them, but I can confirm that all the suspects are in Zanu PF leadership structures.”

Last week, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) secretary for elections Ian Makone said police have allegedly been captured as he protested the failure by the law enforcement agency to institute arrests on complaints lodged by the party against Zanu PF members accused of various crimes.

A Zanu PF member Abton Mashanyanyika who threatened CCC leader Nelson Chamisa with death has never been arrested.

Just last month, the CCC reported Zanu PF activists for unleashing an orgy of violence in Matobo and Insiza, Matabeleland South ahead of local government by-elections but there were no arrests.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police were ‘handling’ all cases including the bombing incident.

In his court application, Musengezi argued that the Central Committee meeting held on November 19, 2017 that resolved to remove the late President Robert Mugabe was illegal, and unconstitutional.

Mugabe also resigned as Zimbabwe president after he was threatened with impeachment.

In August, Musengezi said some documents related to his case have been sneaked into the court record.

Musengezi says he has been denied access to the same documents raising fears of underhand dealings to collapse his case.

Zanu PF has dismissed Musengezi’s application as a non-event, arguing that he is not a legitimate member of the party.

Musengezi has produced evidence that he is a card-carrying member of Zanu PF.

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