Measures cannot curb inflation

Measures such as gold coins, although wildly popular and rationale from the perspective of investors or those seeking to basically preserve value
By Respect Gwenzi Mar. 31, 2023
PVO Bill: NGOs, political  activists fear crackdown
PVO Bill: NGOs, political activists fear crackdown
NGO leaders last week Friday met Mnangagwa privately at the State House to try to convince him not to sign the bill into law.
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Mar. 31, 2023
Is the Botswana-De Beers marriage on the rocks?
De Beers has denied any wrongdoing.
By Peter Fabricius Mar. 31, 2023
Robin Palmer: The original land campaigner and scholar activist
Robin travelled to what was then Southern Rhodesia in 1960 to pursue an undergraduate degree at University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
By Ian Scoones Mar. 31, 2023
Muckracker: The man and his annointed briefcase
The Western-sponsored Al Jazeera has been running a documentary which, for some reason, sees something wrong with our leaders taking gold out of the country for safekeeping.
By Muckracker Mar. 31, 2023
Interview: Actuaries boss lays out Zim legal game plan
An actuarial function looks at statistical estimations and quantification of technical liabilities on the balance sheet of an institution.
By Melody Chikono Mar. 31, 2023
Promoting investment to power Africa’s single market
Scaling up production will require an injection of local and foreign investment into African industries.
By Teniola Tayo Mar. 31, 2023
VFEX to record first IPO from real estate sector
This means the bourse is a stranger to IPOs as all the listings are migrations from other markets, predominantly the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE).
By Tinashe Duma Mar. 31, 2023
Our voice, our power!
This system has stood the test of time and often abuses anyone that is not aligned to what it deems “acceptable”.
By Grace Chirenje Mar. 31, 2023
Candid Comment: High noon for under-performing politicians
Shocking results announced by Zanu PF national political commissar Mike Bimha this week showed ambitious "young turks" making inroads
By Tinashe Makichi Mar. 31, 2023
Editor’s Memo: Future of power generation is green
The southern African country’s renewable resources include solar, wind, hydro and biomass.
By Alfonce Mbizwo Mar. 31, 2023
Dealing with leaked private images
There are steps you can take to have the person successfully prosecuted and have the images removed from the internet and social media platforms. 
By Jacob Mutisi Mar. 10, 2023
Exploring our grey
I remember when my mother told me about her narrow escape to Harare from our rural home in Chihota during the liberation war era
By Grace Chirenje Feb. 3, 2023
Inside Zimra’s revenues
We note similarities with South Africa whose personal income tax, VAT, and corporate income tax account for 37%, 27% and 17%, respectively.
By Tafara Mtutu Feb. 3, 2023
Ceteris Paribus:Jacinda Ardern’s resignation
“UNEASY lies the head that wears a crown”, wrote Shakespeare, way back in the 1500s
By Suze Wilson Feb. 3, 2023
Candid Comment: Fight for parastatal control bleeding economy
There were allegations of external influence on the reversal of that decision with such occurrences quite regular at state-run institutions.
By Tinashe Makichi Feb. 3, 2023
Editor's memo- Drugs: Permit corporal punishment!
She has tried faith healers in vain and is about to give up.
By Nevanji Madanhire Feb. 3, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Online Casino in New Zealand
Make sure that the bonus is available to players from New Zealand. Some casinos may offer bonuses only available to players from certain countries or regions.
By Admin Jan. 31, 2023
Why Zim persistently ranks high on inflation
In the SADC region, Harare has largely been a pace setter on high inflation since 2018.
By Victor Bhoroma Jan. 20, 2023
Zim plunges into wilful neo-colonialism
The ideals of jobs, self-determination, freedom of association and free education that decorated the eve of independence were slowly disappearing from the manifesto of the liberators.
By Mathew Nyashanu Dec. 10, 2022
Give Zim a relief — for once
FINANCE and Economic Development minister Mthuli Ncube last week presented a national budget, which many say is anti-poor.
By Faith Zaba Dec. 2, 2022
New Perspective: Debt relief is allergic to ‘hidden debt’
The repudiation of the official debt figures by critics and civil society is not without reason.
By Gorden Moyo Nov. 18, 2022
New perspectives: Still celebrating Zim's removal from greylist
There are areas like recommendation 15 on new technologies which are still of great concern.
By Jeoffrey Mugwagwa Sep. 9, 2022
Do you know what transformation is?
When we break down the word ‘meta’ meaning change and ‘morphe’ meaning shape/form we are effectively talking about transformation.
By Nyaradzo Muguti Sep. 9, 2022
Piggy's Trading Investing Tips: De-risking mining projects
Piggy has noted that the focus has rather shifted to commercial activity, as private companies
By Batanai Matsika Sep. 9, 2022
Employee engagement
Low employee engagement leads to less productive and less innovative employees
By Memory Nguwi Sep. 9, 2022
MUCKRAKER: The grapes are sour anyway
Who can forget one of Aesop's most famous fables. Once, a fox tried to eat some juicy looking grapes, which were high up on a vine.
By Muckraker Sep. 9, 2022
World View: Might Russia use its 'tactical' nukes?
Putin started hinting heavily that he might use nuclear weapons if other countries intervened to prevent his conquest of Ukraine on the very first day of the war.
By Gwynne Dyer Sep. 2, 2022