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The dichotomy of manufacturing consent, building resistance

Social media certainly has a role to equip the citizen. The voter. 
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Sep. 4, 2022

Abigail Gamanya: Life on the battlefront, victory in death

Ndaifunga kuti hameno munhu akangwara
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Oct. 14, 2022

Negotiating media reforms in a complex environment

The Zimbabwean media has been clear and categorical in their quest to self-regulate in line and sync with the Windhoek Declaration principles.
By Nigel Nyamutumbu May. 7, 2023

Unpacking factors influencing media conduct during elections

The notable improvements in particular the flighting of opposition political advertisments are reflective of that stakeholders' commitment.
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Aug. 27, 2023

The Zim media national question

The media, outside the question of ownership — is ideally the fourth arm of the state with a watchdog role over the executive, legislature and judiciary.
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Nov. 26, 2023

Media budget vote disenfranchises citizens right to information

The budget vote for the digitization program, which is my second point, is extremely low to the extent that at this rate the process will be completed in 2030.
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Dec. 10, 2023

The connotations of Winky D’s assertion of radio blackout

As yet, another year is upon us to work on, and engage upon media reforms, it is prudent for all and sundry to join in the campaign.
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Jan. 7, 2024

PVO Bill reincarnate is a worse nightmare

It would not be entirely truthful to suggest that the reintroduction of the PVO Bill was a surprise.
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Mar. 17, 2024

Digital security consciousness beyond the 'mjolo pandemic'

Never mind that readers often use headlines to formulate opinions —  without even reading the full text of the news story.
By Nigel Nyamutumbu May. 19, 2024

Obituary: Lucy Yasini: A symbol of journalistic resistance

Image matters most to any right thinking human being. Worse one that wields the levers of power and seeks to manufacture consent.
By Nigel Nyamutumbu Jun. 20, 2024