Al Jazeera is showing them flames

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My Dear People

WELL, the exposé by Al Jazeera detailing the shocking levels of malfeasance in the country’s gold sector continues to have Ngwena’s administration running around like headless chickens in line with being the new dispensation of darkness, poverty and confusion.

Indeed the confusion that characterises the regime of Ngwena, catapulted into power on the back of guns and tanks, was on full display this week.

We had Joji acting like a bull in a china shop threatening  imprisonmejournalists who cover the embarrassing revelations by Al Jazeera withnt.

After being challenged by a local web-based publication, Joji went further to declare that it was a mistake to give it a licence and threatened to have it banned once the elections are held.

Joji, who has now become part of the furniture at Munhumutapa offices, added that some staffers at the publication would join Job Sikhala who has been locked up, without trial, since June last year.

So much for the new dispensation!!

Information minister Monica was, however, singing from a different hymn sheet in Parliament said that it was not government policy to gag journalists to signal the confusion in Ngwena’s administration.

I have told you ad nauseam my fellow countrymen that Ngwena was selling you bottled smoke when he was making promises of enhancing democracy in the country, obviously still giddy from the effects of gunpowder in 2017 kkkkk.

Ngwena would not know democracy even if it hit him in the backside.

Joji also continued to show just how crass he is when he made a slur on one individual living with albinism he was conversing with on microblogging site Twitter.

It just goes to show you the disgraceful calibre of spokespersons Ngwena has, who think nothing of making fun of people’s pigmentation.

This is of course the same individual who said those who are on the receiving end of the country’s prolonged power cuts and could not afford alternative power lacked wisdom at a time he was in line to receive a free solar installation courtesy of the same taxpayer he mocks.

Such is the arrogance of this bespectacled fellow.

Now Zimbabweans can understand why I gave George a thorough bollocking at one of my rallies.

The Zanu PF primaries held last weekend were anything but a show of democracy that the state media prattled on about. Incidences of violence were a staple diet at the primaries with allegations of kidnapping, torture, intimidation, rape and even gunshots characterizing these elections.

Not that I was surprised. What would one expect from a party deprived of the telescopic wisdom and direction Gushungo gave to the party?

Such was the level of violence that even Ngwena ordered a rerun in some of the constituencies where violence was the order of the day.

It would, however, be a waste of time as the reruns could be even more violent than the initial ones as it has now become the party’s DNA kkkkk.

 I must of course commiserate with the likes of Dexter who was one of the losers at the primaries.

Alas, the bellowing for votes on all fours proved to be futile.

With no Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to intervene with incompetence that has ensured that he enjoyed five years as Member of Parliament after being wrongly announced as the winner in 2018, there was nothing to save him this time from a humiliating loss.

My sympathies extend too to Cde Chinoz who also lost dismally in his constituency in Buhera South. He was so miffed that he charged to Zanu PF headquarters where he ranted and raved about being   cheated in the elections.

However, for all his protestations, he was booted out of the building like a stray dog kkkkk.

I will surely miss the old geezer’s contributions even as he struggled to express himself in the Queen’s language.

If you thought that the move by Ngwena to put Generari in charge of the Health ministry would improve the country’s health sector, you must think again.

Health secretary Jasper Chimedza revealed last week when he appeared before the parliamentary portfolio committee on health and child care led by Ruth Labode to speak on the country’s curative cancer care that Zimbabwe has only one functional radiotherapy machine to service all the country’s cancer patients.

He added that the only radiotherapy machine is not even owned by the government. How shameful.

What an embarrassment that five years after the bulldozing of the second reprubric this is all it has got to show for its time in power.

Generari is learning quickly that running a country’s health sector is not the same as commanding soldiers in the barracks.

Under Generari’s watch the health sector has worsened with more than 4 000 health workers ditching the country’s public hospitals due to poor working conditions.

That after numerous strikes by health workers, his solution was to criminalise job actions, shows the impoverished leadership the country is now cursed with.

Munopengaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Gushungo chete chete Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)


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