Aljazeera has exposed the real sell-outs

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

My Dear People

THE promised exposé by international media house Al Jazeera on corruption in Zimbabwe has had Ngwena’s administration quaking in its boots.

Al Jazeera plans to broadcast a four-part documentary titled Unveiling Zimbabwe’s Dark Secrets: Al Jazeera Exposes Looting, Plunder and Money Laundering, following a two-year investigation into corruption and money laundering in Zimbabwe involving senior government officials and their cronies.

I could not help,  but burst out laughing  while taking out my pricey Tupperware as the garrulous junior spokesman Nicky stuttered  over the expose which will probably expose the depth of revolting sleaze in  government corridors and  of course the stinking lies by Ngwena that he is driven to fight  corruption.

“Is there corruption in Zimbabwe? Yes. Is there smuggling of minerals and forex out of the country?

“Yes. Is there money laundering in Zimbabwe? Yes, including by non-governmental (organisations).

 Is the government fully committed to getting rid of all the above ills?

“That is a fact,” he fumbled in a tweet in response to trailers for the documentary. 

Given the snippets of the documentary it is understable why those in ivory towers are panicking and running around like headless chickens.

 My favourite snippet was when local businessman Ewan Macmillan refers to the Generari as a “dunderhead”, adding that they control 90% of the government.

Finally the truth is out. Those that have always been calling anyone critical of their kleptocracy as sellouts are actually the ones who have been selling out the country to a clique of white businesspeople for a few pieces of silver.


If the promised Al Jazeera documentary does not whet your appetite to watch what should be a gripping expose then you must be part of the looting brigade! Kkkk.

As usual the party, which has long lost direction without the wise leadership of Gushungo, has trotted out the likes of  one Masimba Mavasa to rebuke Al Jazeera for not looking the other way and leave his party to loot in peace and daring to release so near the elections later this year.

 The chickens are truly coming home to roost.

If one had any doubt that this Zanu PF has been rudderless since they mindlessly shunted Baba and his telescopic wisdom out of the party, one only has to look at the confusion created by the visit of the United States   secretary of state in the Bureau of African Affairs, Robert Scott to the country.

While Frederick and his Foreign Affairs ministry have been celebrating the visit of the American as the success of the re-engagement programme, the  state parro…. sorry,  media have declared that Scott  has come to interfere in this years’ election.

Goodness me, the mixed messaging within the same government shows that this is not just a dispensation of poverty and darkness, but of confusion too.

One can smell the hand of Joji in this article on the visit. 

The same paper claimed that the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) and the Election Resource Centre (ERC) received US$537 500 and US$577 500 respectively from the United States Agency for International Development.

This revelation got Joji into a paroxysm of joy if how he applauded the so-called expose by the paper is anything to go by.

Such was his joy that he forgot to admonish them from failing dismally to observe basic journalistic tendencies of getting comments from Zesn and the ERC.

What an unpresidential communicator!!!kkkkk

It looks as if officers of the Zimbabwe Republic Office have had enough of being used as fodder to terrorise opposition parties.

 In a letter to superiors they complained bitterly of more or less being used to persecute those who irritate those in power with pesky demands of accountability and honesty, which is well beyond them that of course being Ngwena and his lieutenants.

This complaint by the police officers is understandable given that they do not even get any crumbs falling from the high table as evidenced by their tatty uniforms and paltry salaries.

No wonder the demand for bribes by our police officers has been on the increase!!

Stop It Ngwena!!, give your police officers at least a  modicum of dignity.

 If not with proper salaries, then at least give them decent uniforms.

I was shocked as I am sure with many others when I read this week in one state rag that the National Development Strategy 1 has exceeded expectations.

What are those who penned this nonsense smoking? I wondered.

With inflation at more than 200%, half the country food insecure, power outages stretching to more than 18 hours, 2,2 million  youths jobless, the local currency losing value  daily both on the official and  parallel market thereby eroding incomes and the huge brain drain from the country of those in sectors such as health,  one can only talk of the NDS1 exceeding the expectations of poverty wrought by Ngwena since being jettisoned into power by tanks and guns.

What was even more laughable was Zanu PF spokesman Chris talking about the country’s alleged detractors being miffed by Zimbabwe’s transformation .

He was probably thinking of the transformation of his own pocket  and those close to power and has mistaken it on a national level. Unopenga!!

If anything there is no one who is miffed.

More likely there is more sympathy on how the country has plunged into further poverty since the advent of the alleged second repubric.


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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