ICT ministry commences rural and urban digitalisation drive

According to Mavetera, the digitalisation efforts also focus on enhancing government services through the implementation of e-governance solutions.

The Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Couriers Services has taken significant steps towards achieving the goal of digitalising the nation inline with the government's vision for economic growth.

The ministry has recently unveiled its comprehensive plan for the digital transformation of both rural and urban areas, aiming to bridge the digital divide and unlock the country's potential in the sector.

In an interview, the minister of ICT and Courier Services Tatenda Mavetera said her ministry is implementing several strategic measures in line with Zimbabwe National Information Communication Technology 2022-2027 in order to accomplish the Digitalise Zimbabwe goal.

"The ministry has prioritised the expansion and improvement of digital infrastructure across the country in driving the national ICT policy, discourse and infrastructure deployment, which are key instruments towards realisation of a digital society for nowadays digital native,"Mavetera said.

"We also recognise the importance of access to technology. The ministry is going to launch initiatives to provide affordable and accessible digital devices to citizens, particularly in rural areas."

According to Mavetera, the digitalisation efforts also focus on enhancing government services through the implementation of e-governance solutions.

This includes the development of online platforms for various government services, such as e-tax filing, e-health services and e-payment systems, making it easier for citizens to access and utilise these services."

"The Ministry of ICT and Couriers Services has recognised the importance of equipping citizens with the necessary digital skills.

“To address this, various training programs and partnerships with educational institutions and private organisations have been initiated to provide digital literacy and skills development opportunities," the minister said.

The ministry of ICT and Couriers Services has also established partnerships with both local and international organisations in collaborations that aim to leverage expertise, resources, and technology to accelerate the digital transformation process.

"The ministry has partnered with major telecommunications companies to expand network coverage and improve the quality of internet services. These partnerships aim to ensure reliable connectivity across the country, benefiting both rural and urban areas," Mavetera added.

"The ministry has actively engaged with the private sector to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Through initiatives such as technology hubs, incubators, and funding programs, the ministry iscreating an enabling environment for start-ups and tech-driven enterprises to thrive."

Meanwhile, in partnership with Video Promotions Africa, various parastatals will participate and showcase their digital progress in the Digitalize Zimbabwe 2024 Expos soon to be held around the country.

The ICT Rural and Urban Expos organising director Pascal Kwaramba said the exhibitions will see all sectors in the economy participating and showcasing their transition from the past eras of doing business to the new digital edge.

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