Winky D incident was yet another own goal

Dancehall artist Winky D has felt the impact of a regime that has been gripped by paranoia and fear as a result of its disastrous failure.

My Dear People

“The majority of the people feel that there is no replacement, successor who to them is acceptable, as acceptable as I am,” Zimbabwe’s longest serving ruler once said.

When Gushungo made these remarks before his treacherous betrayal in November 2017, many thought he was exaggerating the importance of his telescopic wisdom to not only the party, but the country as a whole.

Lo and behold, these words can be ranked right up there with anything that was said by other luminaries such as the popular American civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s iconic I have a dream speech in as far as how prescient his words were.

Since Ngwena was catapulted into power by guns and tanks, he has presided over one calamity to another.

Having been embarrassed by the continued three figure inflation of over 200%, one of the highest globally, Finance minister Mthuli has come up with the harebrained idea of blending the Zimdollar inflation with that of the United States dollar calling it blended inflation kkkkkk.

This is the latest stunt of Ngwena’s administration trying to obfuscate the inflation statistics that has shown just how dismally they have been in running the economy and proving just how right Gushungo was.

It is worth remembering that the same Mthuli at one stage banned the announcement of inflation statistics in a desperate ploy to stave off the embarrassment of   having its incompetence exposed on a monthly basis.

However in typical Mthuli fashion of double standards they will not use this blended rate to gauge the country’s interest rates,which is an indicator of the reality on the ground.

It would be comical if it were not so tragic.  

As the excitement and gunpowder from the 2017 coup has cleared and poverty in the country escalated, Zimbabweans can now see that Ngwena is a hopeless replacement   who would not hold a candle to Gushungo’s wise leadership.

As the failure by Ngwena worsens with no clue of how to put an end to the economic crisis which has worsened since he bulldozed his way into power, the septuagenarian is now clamping down on even innocent musicians who through song expose the tragic impact of his impoverished leadership.

Dancehall artist Winky D has felt the impact of a regime that has been gripped by paranoia and fear as a result of its disastrous failure.        

The disgraceful move by the police to remove him offstage as he began to sing his popular track Ibotso, which sings about the impact of corruption in Chitungwiza recently exposes claims by Ngwena that he is a listening president for the hogwash that it is.

This is what happens when one is put in power by guns and tanks and not for one’s leadership qualities.

The incident grabbed the attention of human rights defenders across the world with Human Rights Watch issuing a statement on Friday condemning the barbaric act.

It was yet another own goal by the second repuburic as they proved to all those that still had doubts that Zimbabwe remains a banana republic. Munopengaaaaa!

The expose by Al Jazeera continues to have those in authority in a major state of panic even before it is aired.

The latest person to show us how rattled the regime is was Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s governor John who frothed in a two paged statement about the yet to be broadcast documentary.

“It is unbelievable that such bizarre claims, allegedly made by private individuals who have no relationship with the bank whatsoever, have been elevated to gospel truths and published with reckless abandon,” he frothed.

In his vitriol he also inadvertently played down the impact of sanctions imposed on the country much to the chagrin of the state propaganda machine that trots out that sanctions have crippled every facet of the country.

Such is the state of confusion within the corridors of power.

On another note those who expected a few arrests of namedropping individuals in the snippets especially those with the temerity to call Generari a dunderhead, Munopenga!!!

There will be no rebuke of any sort much less an arrest. After all this is the duplicitous second repubric we are talking about.

 We do, however, expect more of these rantings from the mandarins in high offices, especially after the documentary is aired on television.

It has come as no surprise that the cell verification exercise in Zanu PF is in turmoil with some members allegedly removing names of their perceived rivals from the registers to deny them an opportunity to participate in party primaries.

This is exactly the type of chicanery that is associated with Ngwena and his coup gangstas.

It indeed is part of their DNA.

As expected where there is pandemonium and turmoil one can expect Chinotimba to be involved in some shape or form.

He has been accused of removing his rival, Ngonidzashe Mudekunye’s supporters from party cells.

When contacted by NewsDay, Chinotimba reverted to default mode and thundered:  “l want to know the name of the source, if you don’t (tell me) l will come to your office.”

Chinoz’’s violent nature for which he is well known came to the fore.

 With party members like these, who needs hooligans?

 If they can cheat each other internally, one can just imagine what they will do come election time.

I saw that our local media went into a frenzy after they stumbled on information that my Bona is divorcing that loser, but they forgot to mention that theirs was one 65 divorce cases that are to be heard by the High Court in Harare.

In other words its not an earth shattering story they tried to make it to be. Everyone is divorcing in Zimbabwe because of the stress caused by the economic destruction wrought by the Lacoste gangsters kkkkkk


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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