Umzingwane High accused of setting dogs on villagers’ goats

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UMZINGANWE High School authorities in Matabeleland South have been accused of setting dogs on goats that enter the schoolyard, sparking tensions with villagers.

Izinkondo villagers said school authorities were setting dogs on their goats after the school fence got vandalised by Zanu PF members during a meeting.

“It is sad that the school authorities never demanded compensation from the culprits who destroyed the school fence. This has put our goats at a serious threat because when they get into the schoolyard, the school authorities set their dogs on them. Now our goats have rabies and, we don't know whether they got it from the school dogs or in the jungle,” said a villager who requested anonymity.

Ward 3 village development co-ordinator David Mpofu confirmed that five villagers had raise complaints about the school authorities’ conduct.

“I have tried to get in touch with the headmaster a couple of times, but all my efforts were futile. The villagers are facing a serious challenge as their domesticated animals are having a disease. I wish the school could try to get reparations from those who destroyed the school fence or buy a fence on their own instead of setting dogs on people's goats,” Mpofu said.

Umzingwane High School head Stanley Taizora denied the allegations, saying the area had a lot of illegal miners and many illegalities were taking place.

“We haven't received any reports of complaints from the villagers as the school authority. We do have dogs but they are only five months old. It is true that the fence was vandalised and chances are high that the culprits are the artisanal miners,” Taizora said.

“There are a lot of illegal miners in our area and there is a lot of illegality going on. These artisanal miners are even digging within the school premises. Most of their activities take place when schools are closed.

Matabeleland South Zanu PF provincial chairperson Mangaliso Ndlovu said he was in a meeting when he was contacted for a comment.

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