Letter to my people: They have sold their souls

My Dear People

Parliamentarians from the so-called opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change were exposed this week when their usual howls against Zanu PF on issues of failing to prioritise national funds for critical areas such as health and education were suddenly muted when a US$40 000 ‘loan’ was dangled in front of them. 

Those who expected these opposition parliamentarians to be outraged by such an offer were shocked as there was not a squeal of protest after Lacoste did what it knows best – dangling bribes

It makes us wonder if the word change in the party’s name stands for change in how the country is run or if it stands for grabbing the change from public funds kkkkk.

With such money dangled in front of them even misgivings by their leader Nero did not jolt them one bit.

Baba always used to say that this western sponsored party was driven by greed. As usual he was spot on. 

And you had Temba trying to justify the payouts by saying being a member of parliament is dangerous. Unopenga!!!  

The risk of falling off the seat while snoozing during important debates cannot be described as dangerous Temba.

As the MPs sell their souls to the devil, Ngwena’s incompetence  continues  unabated with the nation now plunged into longer hours of darkness as a result of the reckless use of water in Kariba Dam by the Zimbabwe Power (or is that Powerless) Company. 

Under Ngwena’s leadership, power outages have become commonplace and last even up to 19 hours despite his pledge in 2018 that electricity will  be widely available.

Zimbabweans celebrated with reckless abandon in November 2017 when Baba was removed by guns and tanks thinking that Ngwena will lead them to the promised land of milk and honey. 

They are now finding out there is no milk and honey in sight, just pitch darkness.

Welcome fellow Zimbabweans to this new dispensation of poverty and darkness.

Failure to provide electricity, water, health, education….. just about any service did not stop Ngwena from taking more than 260 hangers on to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop27).

He took 10 ministers and even a graphic designer and several youth representatives not attached to any organisation on what has become the trip of shame.

By comparison, South Africa, one of the largest economies in Africa, had fewer than 90 delegates who accompanied President Cyril Ramaphosa, including three ministers.

Zambia had 161, while Botswana had a 104-member delegation.

Even Baba was not this wasteful and reckless.

It is even more embarrassing that Ngwena and his administration splurged thousands of United States dollars with such a huge delegation just a month after moaning that the country is struggling as a result of sanctions imposed by the United States on the day to commemorate the day against the restrictions on October 25.

What a way to show your African counterparts the harmful effects of these sanctions by bringing delegations larger than theirs to such forums.

This was not a one off. Who can forget pictures in British papers of two Zimbabweans purchasing copious amounts of alcohol to welcome Ngwena at the climate change conference last year in Glasgow, Scotland?

Under Ngwena the country is now known more for spending recklessly than any contributions it makes at these meetings. What an embarrassment!

In another example of Ngwena’s allergy to the tenets of democracy, a survey by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (Baz) revealed that the ruling Zanu PF party enjoyed state broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) radio and television monopoly during the March 26 by-elections.

It showed that ZBC provided live coverage for all the eight Zanu PF campaign rallies, which amounted to 630 minutes of airtime, but the public broadcaster did not do any live coverage of opposition party political rallies, including those that contested the by-elections.

In ZBC news bulletins, Zanu PF accounted for 90% of airtime, which is 222 minutes, with the opposition parties sharing only 23 minutes.

Despite this shocking bias by the state broadcaster, Ngwena’s party still lost 19 of the 28 parliamentary seats that were being contested to CCC,  a party with no formal structures kkkkk.

This shows that the ruling party is fading  and is desperately lacking Gushungo’s winning touch. 

Baba won 62% of the vote in 2013 which was the last election he contested.

Poor Ngwena, by comparison, only managed 50,6% in 2018 showing that he can never be as popular as Gushungo even if he takes 100% airtime at ZBC.

Ngwena’s so-called crusade against corruption is increasingly becoming farcical after the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission boss, Loice Matanda Moyo revealed that corruption is now rife among court officials. 

She expressed despair that the court officials who are supposed to fight corruption are instead at the forefront of the vice.

This is the result of the poverty Ngwena’s administration has plunged the country into that even court officials have turned rogue.

Anyway, what did you expect from a government led by Lacoste?

I see Tyson is keeping them very busy these days, especially on Twitter.

He doesn’t waste any opportunity to remind Joji that he betrayed Baba when he needed him the most.

On the other hand the flip flopping Jonso has become the darling of the Horrid once again because of his hatred for Nero.

I like the way Nero is just ignoring the professor. That is exactly how you handle a bitter ex.


Munhuwese kunaGire!

Umasalu wezwelonke!

Dr Amai Stopit! PhD (Fake)

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