Shellaz Love Marker drops 4th album

Sherllington Mukumbira

RISING Afro-dancehall artiste Shellaz Love Marker has dropped Arise and Shine, his fourth eight-track album.

The album was fashioned by three producers, Palmah, Bravestone and Mard H.

Born Sherllington Mukumbira, the 23-year-old musician told NewsDay Life & Style that all was set for the album release, adding that its DVDs would go on sale from December 17.

“I was inspired to record this album as a call for people to unite and also not to be reckless thinking that COVID-19 is over. Looking at the devastating effects of COVID-19, the album’s title track is a prayer to the Almighty to heal our land after many lives were lost during the peak of the pandemic,” he explained.

“The forthcoming album includes songs like Svovi and I Miss Love. I composed the songs to communicate to lovebirds that love should be reciprocal and appreciated.”

As an up-and-coming artiste, Shellaz Love Marker — who launched his musical career in 2016 — has not been spared from the challenges faced in the music industry.

“It is not easy to make it in this competitive industry as rising artistes. Our music is not reaching all our targeted audiences because of capital. We are working on our own, lacking management and sponsorship,” he said.

Despite the challenges he is facing, Shellaz Love Marker said he was setting up a foundation to assist local artistes to record their music.

“We are set to open a studio in January which will go a long way in helping young people in the music industry who are facing financial challenges to record,” he said.

The Harare-based singer urged fellow talented rising artistes not to give up, adding that they should look into the future and collaborate in the fight against drug and substance abuse.

Away from the microphone, Shellaz Love Marker has established the brand Love Marker which is being marketed on T-shirts and caps.

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