Bullion Group boss calls for business prudence

“We are operating in a generally difficult economic environment with challenges that have become somewhat permanent, but in all this we must lever lose hope,” Gwanyanya said.

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Bullion Group CEO Persistence Gwanyanya has asked fellow business players to be resilient and innovative if they are to last the distance in their entrepreneurship journey.

The businessman, who was accorded the Most Promising Young CEO gong at the Megafest Holdings National Business Awards on Wednesday night, said hard work, resilience and an understanding of the macro-economic dynamics is critical for business sustainability.

“We are operating in a generally difficult economic environment with challenges that have become somewhat permanent, but in all this we must lever lose hope,” Gwanyanya said.

“Business is all about strategy, satisfying and respecting the market and making sure you adapt and reinvent according to obtaining trends.

“There is no free lunch in business, but amidst all the challenges we must stay positive and ahead of our challenges.”

Gwanyanya, who boasts of a wealth of experience in the banking and financial advisory services sector, said his   drive has carried the day for him and was happy to be living his dream.

He grew up in Zaka, Masvingo province and did his primary and secondary education at St Anthony’s primary and secondary schools before pursuing an Honours Degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Business Studies but specialising in financial services for institutions.

“I then worked for the then Merchant Bank of Central Africa (MBCA) and Nedbank where I gained an invaluable wealth of experience, but I felt I needed something more challenging that can allow me to exert my skills and talents well for the good of the national economy, hence Bullion Group was born,”  said Gwanyanya.

The Bullion Group CEO, who was in a managerial position by the time he retired from the banking sector, said he felt the sector could no longer offer or scale up to his ambitions hence the structured scope of his business.

“I look at things in bigger ways and I have got a drive for achievement, hence I felt I was limited and could not manouvre the extent I wanted to,” he said.

The multi-award winning businessman, has won corporate and philanthropy accolades at provincial level in his home town of Masvingo and at national level. Gwanyanya said his business model was all encompassing so that it contributes to the national policy and hopes to become an upper middle economy.

“Our business model is deliberately all encompassing but riding on the strength of our business relations and the ability to engage in structured partnerships,” he said.

“Through this arrangement we are able to effectively contribute to the national economy and the results are coming.”

Gwanyanya developed a liking to understand how the economy functions and has always considered himself a player in how the national economy functions, hence the economic analyst role he has played at national level over the years.

“I am a relentless doer who believes that challenges must spur us on and I am happy that the Bullion Group brand attests to my scope and way of doing business,” he said.

“Bullion Group is one of the most sought-after firms which incorporates Bullion Leaf Zimbabwe, Bullion Leaf Exports, Bullion Commodities International, Bullion Health Care, Bullion Technologies, Bullion Construction, Bullion Marketing and Logistic, Bullion International Traders (SA), Bullion Commodities ( Zambia) Percycon Advisory Services and Percycon Global Fund managers (SA).

“We are here to stay and we want to add value to local brands and the broader economy.

“Our thrust is to deliver generational value through well structured and effectively implemented business models and operations.”

Gwanyanya is celebrated for his insights on the national economy and was appointed to the Monetary Policy Committee, a role which he holds in high esteem.

“I believe the recognition that I got at business level didn’t only end there. The President accepted my appointment to the Monetary Policy Committee and I dont take that for granted,” he said.

“I am quite happy that I am also recognised at national and policy level. It reaffirms my commitment and my contribution to the economy.

“The monetary policy committee is responsible for monetary policy of the country and through it we are contributing to the monetary affairs of the country. Beyond Bullion Group this becomes a cherished a national assignment,” Gwanyanya said.

He, however, said the honour comes with a lot of demands and expectations and he is geared to play his part.

“The trust calls me to give my all. As an economist, my contributions to the Monetary Policy Committee have been accepted and I am happy with the support from the Reserve Bank governor Dr John Mangudya even amidst the challenges we are facing. We are giving it our best and we owe it to Zimbabweans,” Gwanyanya said.

“The hope is to build a sound monetary system in Zimbabwe that can take us out of our present challenges.”

Asked on who can benefit from Bullion Group and how, Gwanyanya said they have an open-door policy and are happy to add value to all progressive brands and businesses in Zimbabwe.

“We are not an elitist brand. We value all players to the national economy hence we are open to engagement and partnerships with small, medium and large enterprises,” he said.

“Our doors remain open and we promise to deliver lasting value to all that we work with and give services to.”

Bullion Group is also involved in corporate social investment and is supporting a scholarship at Gwanyanya’s former schools and supports the Zaka District Schools tournament among other national programmes like clean-up campaigns.

The company has also supported local creatives and musicians to achieve their dreams.

“I know the aspirations of our people and the challenges they face. Being someone who grew up in Zaka I am not alien to reality,” Gwanyanya said.

“I am, therefore, pushing for a nationwide corporate social investment programme through Bullion Group beyond our current initiatives.”

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