Faith Candy frets over online harassment

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Born Faith Naphazi, the 2018 Miss Curvy People’s Choice queen, has become the latest socialite in Zimbabwe to be bullied online.

BY STYLE REPORTER BUSINESSWOMAN and musician Faith Candy says “cowardly and destructive” actions targeted at her on social media platforms will not destroy her self-esteem and beat her into submission.

Born Faith Naphazi, the 2018 Miss Curvy People’s Choice queen, has become the latest socialite in Zimbabwe to be bullied online.

Early this year musician Njabulo “Tytan” Nkomo dragged Mai TT to court, claiming the comedienne used a social media platform to assault him and his family.

Lately, cyberspace has been turned into a battlefield with prominent people, including artistes and politicians being on the receiving end.

While cyber bullying has resulted in tragic events such as suicide and self-harm, Faith Candy believes recent online attacks targeted at her by a “group of haters” will not force her into capitulation.

“These disparaging actions targeted at me won’t destroy my confidence and force me to give in,” Faith Candy told Standard Style.

“These are people who have nothing to do and their satisfaction is in harassing people on social media platforms.”

The musician-cum-businesswoman narrated her ordeal.

“A lot has happened to me on social media, but I have been quiet all along because I knew that those people involved in these disparaging attacks on me have nothing to do,” she said.

“At first they attacked me during Mai TT’s bridal shower after the sleeves of the dress that I was wearing slipped off the shoulders exposing one of my boobs.

“I didn’t do this deliberately and it was a slip-up, but you would see someone going on social media to ridicule and attack me over such an awkward incident.”

Faith Candy said some online publications mocked her after South African musician Makhadzi turned down her friendship request.

“Some people took to social media to attack me left, right and centre for such an issue,” she said.

“I had requested friendship from Makhadzi on Instagram and I went to town about it, and a few days later, she scrapped me off her friends’ list.

“This issue was blown out of proportion by some people who went on to make noise on cyberspaces pouring scorn on me. I don’t mind being left out by Makhadzi, I am not her fan moreso, I get nothing from befriending her.”

The beautician claims she was also trailed by her cyber enemies when she had an interview on radio with Rumbidzai Mugwira, aka Chamvary.

“They ridiculed me saying I could not speak proper English since I had started a sentence with the word ‘Me’ and for real. I did not have that privilege to go to those English-speaking schools because I grew up an orphan,” she said.

“What’s so funny about speaking bad English that can prompt someone to post and disparage me on social media platforms?”

Faith Candy said she will not tire in whatever she was doing as long it improves her wellbeing.

The beauty-focused entrepreneur operates a hair and skin products as well as a lingerie shop business in the capital.

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