Mnangagwa Desecrates constitution

ZICOMO operates as a grassroots citizens' initiative, uniting diverse stakeholders across all 10 provinces of Zimbabwe.

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, through its Zimbabwe Constitutional Movement (ZICOMO), marks the 11th anniversary of the Zimbabwean constitution with a series dedicated to examining the progress made and setbacks encountered since its adoption. Despite the constitution's promulgation in 2013, its full implementation has yet to be realized. This lack of progress is exacerbated by numerous amendments that undermine democratic principles and good governance. The Mnangagwa regime, in particular, has accelerated the desecration of the constitution, with attempts to secure a third term and previous amendments that concentrate power, erode judicial independence, and diminish the powers of Parliament.The Zimbabwean constitution was meant to be a sacred and living document, transcending political affiliations and protecting the rights of all citizens, regardless of who holds power. However, the amendments made thus far have deviated from these principles, stripping Zimbabweans of their rights and impeding the progress made since its inception. The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition believes that the 11th anniversary of the constitution is an opportune moment for introspection, reflection, and a renewed commitment to upholding its tenets.The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, through ZICOMO, has set forth two primary objectives for its series on the Constitution of Zimbabwe at 11 years. Firstly, the Coalition aims to increase citizens' awareness of the constitution and foster a culture of respect for its principles. By engaging with various stakeholders, the Coalition seeks to create a shared understanding of the constitution's significance and the rights it guarantees. Secondly, ZICOMO is steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the constitution and ensuring its full implementation. Through advocacy, dialogue, and mobilization, the Coalition seeks to hold duty bearers accountable for fulfilling their obligations to the people and upholding constitutional rights.ZICOMO operates as a grassroots citizens' initiative, uniting diverse stakeholders across all 10 provinces of Zimbabwe. The movement brings together civil society organizations, residents associations, youth groups, women's groups, workers' associations, churches, and representatives from the informal sector. By facilitating citizen engagement with duty bearers at various levels of government, ZICOMO aims to foster dialogue and hold officials accountable for protecting and promoting constitutional rights.The movement recognizes the importance of social inclusion and equity, amplifying the voices of marginalized and underrepresented groups. By championing democratic values, human rights, and social justice, ZICOMO strives to create a more inclusive and progressive society.Under the Mnangagwa regime, the desecration of the constitution has reached alarming levels. The regime's attempts to secure a third term, despite the constitution clearly stipulating a two-term limit, is a flagrant violation of the democratic principles on which Zimbabwe's governance system is founded. Such actions undermine the will of the people and erode the trust necessary for a functioning democracy. Moreover, previous amendments in 2021 have concentrated power in the hands of the executive, eroded judicial independence, and weakened the powers of Parliament. These amendments run contrary to the spirit of democracy, as they undermine the system of checks and balances vital for accountable governance.As Zimbabwe commemorates the 11th anniversary of its constitution, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, through ZICOMO, calls for reflection and action. The desecration of the constitution by the Mnangagwa regime and previous amendments that chip away at democratic principles demand our attention and collective resistance. Upholding the constitution, promoting constitutionalism, and protecting the rights of all citizens are paramount. The Coalition emphasizes the importance of citizen engagement, dialogue, and advocacy to hold duty bearers accountable and ensure the full realization of constitutional rights.Together, let us stand against the erosion of our constitution and work towards a Zimbabwe where the principles of democracy, good governance, and social justice are upheld for the betterment of all citizens.The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition is pleased to announce the launch of the "Constitution at 11" series as part of our ongoing efforts to promote constitutionalism and citizen engagement. This series will delve into the intricacies of the Zimbabwean constitution, examining its strengths, weaknesses, and the challenges encountered in its implementation over the past 11 years.Through this series, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the constitution among the citizens of Zimbabwe. We will explore various aspects of the constitution, including its provisions for human rights, democratic governance, social justice, and the separation of powers. By shedding light on these critical issues, we hope to empower Zimbabweans with the knowledge necessary to actively participate in the protection and promotion of their constitutional rights.The "Constitution at 11" series will feature expert insights, analysis, and interviews with key stakeholders, including legal experts, civil society representatives, and constitutional scholars. We will examine the impact of constitutional amendments made thus far, critically assessing their implications for democracy and good governance in Zimbabwe.Furthermore, the series will serve as a platform for engaging citizens in meaningful discussions on constitutional issues. We encourage Zimbabweans from all walks of life to join the conversation, share their experiences, and contribute their perspectives on thechallenges and opportunities presented by the constitution.As we navigate the complexities of constitutional implementation, we remain committed to fostering a society that upholds the values of justice, equality, and respect for human rights. Through the "Constitution at 11" series, we aim to inspire active citizenship and mobilize Zimbabweans to collectively defend the constitution, ensuring its full realization for the benefit of all.Stay tuned for the launch of the "Constitution at 11" series, where we will unravel the intricacies of Zimbabwe's constitutional landscape and ignite the spark of citizen engagement in shaping the future of our nation.Tapiwa Zivira is the Communications Specialist at the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition. He also heads ZEEM TV, an online TV set out to promote the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

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