Harare Man In Court For Fraud

Harare Man In Court For Fraud

A 35 year old man from Highfied,Harare appeared before Harare Magistrates Dennis Mangosi facing allegations of fraud .Astley Deu Deu was remanded in custody  to tommorow for bail consideration.It is in the State case that on October 9 around 9 am , Deu Deu  approached CID Vehicle Theft Squad [VTS] Harare  equipped with an application for chassis numbers.

The accused had an application for  restoration of two new home-made trailers dated 5 October 2023 which was in the name of  Exquisite Cars [Pvt] Limited .According to court papers Deu Deu misrepresented that the VTS officers that he was the owner of the company which in  actual fact  belongs  to Victor Matiyenga .

The court heard that the  application was attached to Exquisite Cars company documents including certificate of Incorporation Number 154076B, company Directors list and photocopy of national identity card in the name of Chipo Matiyenga  who is one of Exquisite Cars  directors.

Deu Deu allegedly gave the duplicate application to Detective Constable Masuka , from CID Vehicle Theft Squad Harare for processing .CID fficer Masuka questioned the company log on the application letter as he  suspected that it was fake .Court heard that Masuka knew the Exquisite Cars company log and he phoned Victor Matiyenga who disowned the application and denied ever sending the accused person with the application.

Matiyenga immediately came to police station where he was interviewed and denied any association  pertaining to the alleged trailers registration.Following  interviews from CID officers Deu Deu  revealed that he was given the documents by Patrick Usale at Corner 4 Street and George Silundika Avenue  on  October 6 .He further indicated that  Usale allegedly instructed him to proceed to CID VTS Harare and apply for restoration of two home-made trailers but he did not see the trailers neither does he know the locality of the trailers.

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