Teachers clash with Zec over election dues

It is not clear why the Zec paid some teachers and left out others despite them signing the same contracts.

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has failed to pay some teachers for work done during the  disputed August elections, it has been learnt.

It is not clear why the Zec paid some teachers and left out others despite them signing the same contracts.

Teachers who received their money were paid in local currency instead of United States dollars as per their contracts.

The educators were engaged as voter educators and inspectors for the voters roll inspection between May and June this year.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe president, Takavafira Zhou, accused the electoral body of unfairly treating the educators.

Zhou said some teachers were paid three months ago the same election duties.

“Some were paid, while others are yet to be paid. The delay of payment for teachers means that the value is different because of inflation in Zimbabwe. By the time we reach next year, that money won’t be buying anything,” Zhou said.

“We hope that Zec puts its house in order so that it does not abuse teachers.”

Zhou said they had tried to engage Zec without success.

“They are so reluctant about the payment of the remaining teachers and we have tried to engage Zec but it’s not forthcoming,” he said.

Educators Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general, Tapedza Zhou, said teachers who were paid were still owed a percentage of their dues.

“To those who were paid, about 20% of their dues is still outstanding,” he said.

Zec deputy chairperson, Rodney Kiwa, said that he was not aware that the teachers were still not paid for electoral duties.

“About that I wouldn’t know. We employ thousands of people during elections,” Kiwa said before referring NewsDay to the chief elections officer Utloile Silaigwana.

“The teachers should provide their proof of employment, identification documents and so on. Let them communicate with those people.  That’s the only way I can help,” Kiwa added.

Silaigwana has previously said he cannot discuss contractual issues between Zec and those recruited for electoral duties.

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