Sikhala's wife Ellen found guilty of reckless driving

Job Sikhala's wife (left)

JAILED Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala’s wife, Ellen was yesterday found guilty of reckless driving by Harare magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure.

She was ordered to pay a $30 000 fine for the offence, submit her driver’s licence in seven days and was banned from driving for the next six months.

In her ruling, Mashavakure said she made considerations of the fact that Ellen is a woman.

“Offences of this magnitude need just a fine.  Sikhala (Ellen) saw the traffic officers, but went on to encroach into oncoming traffic, and didn’t mind the consequences that would have come with this kind of incident,” Mashavakure said.

During the trial, Ellen stated that her arrest had been pre-planned since the police officers had asked her for bribes.

Mashavakure, however, stated: “More than 15 motorists were said to have been arrested on that very same day, and we can conclude that your arrest wasn’t planned. You had asked why the police asked for a bribe if this arrest wasn't planned, based on the evidence that was presented in the courts, I would like to believe the statements of the traffic police as they wouldn't have arrested you if you were on the right path and not encroaching the oncoming lane.”

The magistrate said the police were just doing their job when they arrested her.

"Therefore, I accept their statements and I don’t accept your point that they asked for bribes as your driving conduct on that day constitutes reckless driving, hence my verdict,” Mashavakure ruled.

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